The Solo Project #5 - Another new gym class

spin bike

As you guys may have noticed from my excessive Insta-spamming of late, I’m back on the fitness bandwagon (and hoping to catch up with the health bandwagon at some point soon too). I’m making a big effort to get my bum to as many gym classes and for as many runs as possible at the moment as I’m starting to realise that the more cardio I do, the easier this running malarkey gets. Who’d have thought it?

Most of the HIIT style classes I do at the gym at the moment are 30 minutes long so I knew when I signed up for a 50 minute spin class that I’d struggle. After years of being the ‘fat kid of the PE class’, I’m pretty accepting of being the biggest and least fit in group exercise classes, so what the hell, I thought I might as well try. Luckily for me, my (now former*) PT, Dom, was taking the class which was a bit of comfort as spinning is not something I tend to have on my radar.

(*This situation makes me sad but spending £80 a month on sessions is no longer feasible with my party lifestyle. And by party lifestyle, I mean I’ll no doubt end up spending an extra £80 a month in New Look or something. I’m contributing to the economy, right?)

Dom explained that the class would be broken down into three parts, which would be broken up by two tracks in which we would do tabata-style press-ups and squats. (Tabata is ‘20 seconds work/10 seconds rest’ style exercise in case you’re lucky enough to have never encountered this hellish ordeal before).

And then we were told to remove the seats from the bikes. Yep, they come off. And would be off for the FULL 50 MINUTE CLASS.

It was at this point I had to ask Dom if he thought I would be able to do it as, I wanted to just leave then and there. I will admit that I thought the class was 100% beyond the ability of my sizable thighs and there was a minor lip-wobble when every insecurity bubbled straight to the surface. Dom reassured me that he thought I could do it, that I should keep it to my own level and to stop if it got a bit much. In all honesty, if it was another instructor I wouldn’t have even tried - I stayed knowing that if I left halfway through the class, he would have been fine with that.

I started to realise as we got into the class and went through the different tracks (hill climbs/sprints/general hell on Earth), that the definite positive is that at least your bum doesn't hurt from having to sit on the bike. Negatives include excessive sweating and agony to the legs. Swings and roundabouts. 

We worked our way through to the first tabata track (eight rounds of 20 seconds of press ups, 10 seconds rest) and then got back on the bike. By this point it was starting to burn and I was getting fatigued very quickly. We then worked until the second tabata track – eight rounds of 20 seconds of squats, 10 seconds of holding the squat position. My poor legs just didn’t know what to do with themselves. Knowing that after that track we were on the home straight to the end of the class really kept me going and somehow, I powered through to the end.

This class was tough. It was a class that I wish I’d done with a friend as I don’t think I’d have doubted my abilities as much at the start if I’d been there knowing I’d have someone else to struggle through it with. I definitely didn’t have my resistance as high as the other people in the class did but they all looked like spinning pros who went to a class more than once a year. And we all know that you shouldn’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20.

Will I go back? I think so. Once I got over the initial fear of firstly being on a bike for that long and secondly that it was all stood up, it was a brilliant class that left me feeling like I’d had a great workout.

So, spinning without a seat? Would you try it? If you’re reading this and happen to be a Pure Gym member, feel free to come be my spinning buddy!

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