The perfect weekend

The Perfect weekend in York

You know when you have one of those weekends where you get to Sunday afternoon and you sit back and think ‘yes, this is what being 24 is all about’? Last weekend was that type of weekend.

Whilst it didn’t get off to a flying start when I tried to save money getting a bus home instead of the train (you may have seen the whining about lateness/other passengers offending both my nose and ears), by the time I got back, I slotted straight back into the mentality of a 6th former. Having a whole weekend in front of me that was 100% gal time with the people who have known me long enough to write me an autobiography is just what I needed. Sometimes, you just need that escape from reality and time in the friendship bubble, where you can put the world to rights.

What I really enjoyed this weekend was having load of time to just spend together as that’s so rare nowadays. My friend Linn came over from Sweden for the weekend to see us all and it meant that we wanted to make a real effort to do things that were really fun but also really chilled. Usually when I catch up with friends from home it’s a couple of hours tops so having so much more time than that made a lot of difference and seeing each other on consecutive days made it feel like we were in the summer holidays again.

We headed to a little Italian restaurant called Delrios on Friday night for pizza and on Saturday, we spent the afternoon lazing about in the museum gardens on a picnic blanket with Starbucks to hand, eating loads of food and generally soaking up the atmosphere of York. Every time I go back, I appreciate just how breathtakingly beautiful the city I grew up in is, more so than I ever did when I lived there. I love the city buzz of Leeds but it just doesn’t compare to York Minster, the city walls and the occasional Viking walking around town.

It wouldn’t be a trip home without also going to our teenage local too. It got to the point that we’d be in there drinking diet coke and eating crisps three nights a week throughout 6th form and The Blacksmiths Arms in Huntington will always have a very special place in my heart, despite being a fairly standard village pub. I do tend to get very sentimental about places, especially those which are full of memories as we were there so frequently. Whilst those evenings are a world away from where we are now, I love that it’s still our go-to place despite us all being in such different places in life now.

Weekends like this make me realise that I genuinely don’t know where I’d be without my closest friends. It scares me that they know so much about me and often know what’s best for me before I do, but I can’t imagine a world without them. This post is definitely getting a bit emosh but I am truly thankful for the people who are still my best friends having known me from childhood. LOVE YOU GUYS! (And obvs my other friends who luckily for them didn’t have to experience my dickhead teenage years).


  1. Ahhhh I LOVE weekends like this! I always feel like I'm transported back to being 18 whenever I'm with my college friends x
    Sophie Cliff

  2. Sounds like an incredible weekend! It's always so nice getting back together with friends, no matter how you met them, and I love that feeling of being so content and happy! My best friend from uni is coming to stay tomorrow and I am so excited to see her!!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX