The emotional stages of going for a run

Going for a run
hand holding running water bottle

Running is really hard. I mean, really hard. After going out this morning, I’m starting to question what was going through my mind when I signed up to do not one but two 10k races this year (9 weeks until the first one, EEK!). Here’s the emotional stages of going for a run.

1. T-shirt or vest. Cotton or synthetic. Will I be too hot? Will I freeze? Who knows.
2. Why is my zip pocket too small for my phone? Did they not design leggings with hatching Pokemon eggs in mind?
3. I should really buy one of those arm band things.
4. Do I need another wee?
5. OK, out the door. I look like a proper athlete with my running water bottle and new trainers.
6. I’M RUNNING! Why did I ever complain?
7. Shit, started too fast and now I’m out of breath with a stitch.
8. OK, we have a pace. At this rate I'll be lapped by pensioners but it's better than walking, right?
9. Why is everyone else so much faster than me? I run at the pace of your average walker.
10. This playlist is excellent, well done me.
11. I must be up to at least a few miles by now.
12. Oh wait, I’ve only been running for 7 minutes. Damn.
13. This is getting a bit sweaty.
14. Why do pedestrians have to get so in the way of athletes like myself?
15. Traffic lights, thank God I can have a rest.
16. I’ve never noticed this gentle slope absolute mountain before.
17. This is torture, I’m so out of breath. I could actually be having a heart attack.
18. Why am I even doing this to myself?
19. Nearly there, nearly there, I got this.
20. And I’m home. I feel like a goddess of health and I’d better go drink something green.

Anyone else experienced this? 


  1. Brilliant Lizi, l feel your pain sitting in my Recliner x

  2. This is so true! I always go for about three wees before I go and then still end up needing the loo half way round haha x
    Sophie Cliff

  3. Hahaha! So so SO true! :p
    I have the t shirt or vest breakdown I get to the door and try to un-convince myself I could just sleep on the sofa for half an hour and act like I've been out.. When I start running I'm arguing with myself as to why, we could do this tomorrow instead.. At my halfway point I think right, halfway. But I look ahead and everything is so far away!. When I get home I'm like boom!, done it, wasn't hard at (lie)