My seven favourite films

Savisto Popcorn Maker
hand holding popcorn

You may have seen a week or so ago that #7favfilms trended on Twitter and whilst I was wide awake at 3am that night, I decided to put my faves out there. And I was mocked. It was brutal. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a ‘film person’. Book person, yes, film person, nah. Not for me. I’m all about easy watching, LOLs and a bit of romance – anything with a significant plotline and I’m a goner. I just don’t care enough. And apparently this is really reflected in my choices, my bad.

As I have a new popcorn maker courtesy of Savisto to try out, I decided that the bank holiday weekend was the perfect time to have an evening in with some, IMHO, incredible films and a shitload of nibbles. 

popcorn maker

Popcorn is a fave for me, mainly as it’s pretty low cal so you can eat loads of it and it’s basically healthy*. And let’s face it, having homemade popcorn which is really cheap (as opposed to the ridiculous cinema prices) is way better than toddling off to the pictures and having to remortgage your house to buy a ticket and snacks.  Honestly, I remember back in the day when you could buy a ticket and sweets for less than a tenner. This machine is great too as you just put the kernels in, it magics into popcorn and then you can top it with sugar and salt (all about that winning combo) and you have a beautiful bowl of snacking heaven to enjoy your films with.

*And by healthy, I mean, I have zero clue of popcorn’s nutritional value.

Here are my top films and why I chose them.

Harry Potter
Comfort watching, never going to be as good as the books but it’ll always make me feel a bit Christmassy. Obvs missing out The Chamber of Secrets as that one just isn’t as good as the rest.

Jurassic Park
Again, comfort watching, as it reminds me of Sunday nights with my family as I was growing up and let’s face it, it’s the film where you think to yourself ‘if Jurassic Park actually existed, would I go?’. 100% yes.

Step Up
Classic dance film, boy meet girl, Channing Tatum is a babe and what is there not to love.

Bend it like Beckham
Another Sunday night film in the Legge household! I love that it’s a culture clash romance, feature Keira Knightley and is generally easy watching.

The Lion King
Whilst I’m still not over the death of Mufasa, it’s my all time favourite Disney film and it reminds me of being a kid. Even though I was ill the first time I watched it and I remember crying so much I was sick. That wasn’t ideal.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging
I adore this film. The books were my fave growing up and it really encompasses what it’s like to be a teenage girl in the noughties. Let’s face it, we all wanted to find our very own Robbie as much as we wanted our own Michael from The Princess Diaries.

I don’t know how anyone could object to this film making a top seven list as it is SO good. It’s dark, it’s fast-paced and who doesn’t love Liam Neeson?

So there you have it, that’s my top seven. Now I’ve actually sat down to write about why I love these films, I’m desperate to watch them all back to back (with the other Harry Potter/Jurassic Park/Taken films – but not The Lion King sequels as they’re just not as good). Let me know what your top seven are in the comments and try not to rip into my choices too much!


  1. Taken is definitely one of my favourite films to! As for popcorn i love it i recently tried popcorns sour cream popcorn and its amazing!!

  2. wow that popcorn maker looks awesome! :)
    I'm not great with films or books really, but Step UP is such a good film! (by good film, I mean it's tricking fantastic as it has Channing in it) but the dancing is brilliant.
    I can't back your side on the others I mean I've watched them and seen them and liked them, but not liked liked and they wouldn't be on my list.. But even saying that.. I'm now kind of struggling to think of my own 7...