Goals for 2016

Goals for 2016
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I feel like it’s been a pretty long time since I sat down and set myself some goals. Back in January, I wrote about how I wanted 2016 so be a great year and in all honesty? I don’t feel like it’s been peak me so far. Know what I mean? I don't feel like I'm at my best. But now I've recognised that, I'm keen to sort it out. It’s a bit late to start some New Years Resolutions, but the academic year is set to start in a couple of weeks so we can make ‘Autumn Term Resolutions’ a thing, right? I might not be in education any more but I’m still saying hell yes to new stationary regardless. Here are my 'rest of the year' goals.

Get organised.
I’m at my best when I feel like I’m in as much control of my life as I possibly can be. Control freak? Yes. Getting shit done? Also yes. I love lists, spreadsheets and I feel the most relaxed when I can see organisation in front of me – and that includes just piling things up and knowing where they are. It might look messy to others but I know where I’m at with it.

Survive two 10k races.
Note that my goal here is to survive them, rather than putting a time on it. I’m actually not that interested in how long it takes me to complete each race, all I want is a finishers t-shirt and a medal. I’ve been training for a fair while for the Women’s Running 10k and the Leeds Abbey Dash and so far, it’s looking good. I can run 9km without feeling like I’m launching myself into cardiac arrest and I’m still 6 weeks off my first race! Though I’ll never be a massive keeno like my sister when it comes to running, I enjoy the weekly headspace and with every run, my fitness feels like it’s improving.

Keep blogging.
As ever, I have no intention of giving up my blogging habits and it’s still one of the biggest passions in my life, but I also don’t want to let it slip. In the past I’ve posted fairly sporadically but now I’m getting into better habits of regular blogging and I like the patterns I’ve fallen into of posting at least twice a week. I’d also like to take part in more Twitter chats as after a few little blips in the blogosphere lately, they reassure me that this is definitely a community I want to be part of and that it’s full of incredible people.

Give vlogging a go.
I KNOW. This is a biggie for me as it scares me shitless. Much like when I started to put myself out there a lot more on my blog, I feel a little apprehensive about getting in front of a camera and putting myself out there on screen, but I do really want to try it. If it flops, that’s fine, but I want to give it a go. Whilst I have no intention of being a mega Youtuber (Zoella, I am not), I’d love to accompany posts about the more exciting stuff with video content.

Keep progressing my career.
I’m really lucky to have a career which I adore in social media and I’ve seen it grow so much already this year, so I want to continue that. I’m so aware that not everyone is as fortunate as me to work for an incredibly supportive company, to have incredible colleagues and brilliant mentors so I really want to make the most of the situation. Now I’m truly immersed in the world of social media, all I want to do is get better, to try new things and get ahead of the game. I am such a SMerd* it’s unreal.

Break away from the daily stripe situation.
Hi, my name is Lizi and I own far too many stripes. If #StripesEveryGodDamnDay was a thing, I’d be all over it as I’ve found my safe place in stripes. I need to move on. Whilst I’ll always love a stripe, I need to get away from a daily uniform of skinnies, jumper and trainers. Well, the trainers will stay, but I should really spend less time dressing like a brand ambassador for Stripes United**.

Spend more time in the gym and less time drinking prosecco.
#SorryNotSorry, whilst I love the YOLO life, I need to embrace the spinning class life before someone mistakes me for a beached whale and ships me off to Seaworld. I know that I’ve gained a few pounds here and there this year, but ultimately, I want to just feel less like a sloth. I’ve upped my game in the last few weeks by getting in the gym a few times a week and it’s helped my running no end – it’s amazing how much better you can feel in a short space of time. I really want to keep this up as a) I have two races to survive and b) I want to get a really pretty dress for the Christmas do and feel good in it.

Be a good friend.
I like to think that I’m a good friend (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), but when it comes to friendships, I’m a quality over quantity kinda gal. I’m well aware that I don’t have oodles of spare time and I’d rather spend it with the ones I love the most than spread myself too thinly. I’ve relied on my friends a lot in the last year to really pick me up and it’s time for me to return the favour.

So, that’s what I’m aiming for in the coming months, what do you think? I know this has been a long one and it’s definitely been a big brain dump for me, but it’s definitely been long overdue.

*Social media nerd. It’s a thing, I promise.

** I wish this was a thing. 

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  1. Great post and goals Lizi.
    You are totally going to smash those 10k's and surprise yourself I'm sure! I am in awe of you!
    I love reading your posts, so you vlogging sounds quite exciting! I'd love to try videos again, but it's the editing I have no clue with and I hate listening to my own voice.lol
    Friends wise, definitely quality or quantity. Sometimes it takes situations to find who the quality ones are. :)