Beer and Live Comedy

I mean, what more can you possibly ask for? I headed over to Cottonopolis in Manchester last week for an evening with my sister to try a new beer called Krusovice. I’m far from a beer connoisseur and thankfully there was an expert on hand to explain to us a bit of history (it’s a Czech beer and has been knocking about since the 1500s). Despite lager not being my poison of choice, I actually really enjoyed trying it, and it’s definitely something I’d choose on a hot day in a beer garden.

The evening was focused around comedian Paul Foot who I hadn’t heard of previously but as I absolutely love live comedy, I was keen to experience this. Needless to say, the guy defines eccentric. The show was all about his ‘cabinet of curiosities’, which is quite literally a cabinet full of random objects with a story. After going through why he adores his porcelain pig (no joke, he was passionate about it), he invited individuals on stage to discuss their own objects.

Audience participation is one of my favourite things about comedy, but only when I’m not involved. Watching other people at the event going up and being asked increasingly awkward questions was absolute great as I stood to the side drinking my pint. Objects included a stuffed duckling, a pufferfish and a child’s superman apron. Don’t get it? Yeah, we didn’t really either. Whilst the show was incredibly funny, it was one of those ‘had to be there’ situations. If you’re keen on comedy which is really ‘out there’ and definitely different, I’d recommend looking up Paul Foot. Though he’s an acquired taste, it’s definitely a show worth seeing.

When it comes to comedy, I absolutely love stand up and I’ve seen a fair few comedians live in the past, including Russell Howard, Jack Whitehall and Chris Ramsey. I’ve actually just booked myself a little solo trip to see Russell Howard (roll on April 2017) so I’ll be interested to report back on how much I enjoy it whilst I’m there by myself.

So tell me, who are your favourite comedians? Can you recommend anyone to me? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Haha, sounds like a great night! :)
    The husband and I love stand up and we've begun to see some comedians live. We've so far seen Jimmy Carr and we saw Sarah Millican the other evening. She was brilliant! You'd love her. We really want to see Russell, but was late to the party on getting tickets! :(


    1. I saw Sarah Millican a couple of years back, I LOVE HER!! There are tickets available still for Leeds for Russell Howard I think if you could get a babysitter for the night :) I love that more and more artists are heading to Scarborough though on tours! xx