A New Look Wishlist

New Look Wishlist
Right now, New Look is absolutely killing it for me which is a good job as it’s pretty much the only place I shop. It may be August but I’m getting over the whole summer situation and I’m so ready for being able to wear skinny jeans that you don’t feel like you’re peeling off at the end of the day. Gross image there but don’t pretend it doesn’t happen. Also, I’m all about the long sleeve life so Autumn is my dream.

I’m getting all over 90s sweatshirts, skinny jeans to the ankle and any form of trainers. You know when your mum says ‘that’s the kind of thing you wore in primary school’ about your new top? That’s what I’m aiming for as everyone’s loving 90s right now. Obviously I will not being going as far as hair glitter or whacking out my Babyliss crazy braid but you get the idea. Also, this is branching out marginally from my usual horizontal striped jumper uniform, so that’s a good thing, right?

Their home stuff is pretty damn cute too. It’s similar to Primark when it comes to the accessory style but I live for the day when a New Look Home opens. It has to happen (please let this happen). I want stuff that’s cute, affordable and a little quirky. And preferably in rose gold.

Here’s what I’m lusting over from New Look right now – what are your top picks?

7. Clock
8. Boots


  1. Haha! I'm loving New Look at the moment too! They've really been on trend with summer bits, especially tops and the whole bardot style.. I try not to go on too regular, as I do end up spending, but I always end up saving things toy basket.
    I've already bought a few pieces for autumn/winter and as always, I will be about the jumpers and am loving, as you, the 90's revival. That khaki one is seriously talking to me...