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double dating revolucion de cuba leeds

Oh hello dating scene, it’s been a while. And by a while, I mean it’s not been all that long, but I’ve felt a bit MIA from Tinder/POF of late, what with being a busy girl about town etc, sigh.* But as I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear, I’m jumping back on the bandwagon and after logging into POF and being inundated with messages such as ‘Hey sexy’, I’m contemplating permanently disembarking from aforementioned bandwagon. Also, Tinder Social? Why does this have to crop up in my swiping? Though I am now well informed that three guys I work with were out last Saturday. Excellent news.

*Disclaimer, I’ve actually just been too lazy to put the effort in and the last few weekends have seen me nursing extreme hangovers, leaving me in a state that I don’t think even a mother could love. My bad.

After having a recent double date, which was a first for me, I thought I’d put together a post on how this kind of situation works. Unfortunately for those of you reading this expecting another classic ‘Lizi’s dating disasters’ story, this isn’t the one. No doubt, it won’t be long before I have something like that to share though, fear not.

Here’s my top tips for making a double date work.

1. Choose your friends wisely. If you’re being set up by another couple, ensure that they know both you and your date well enough to know that you’ll at the very least, get on. Nobody wants to be set up with your friend’s boyfriend’s work acquaintance which they only see in the office and exchange words with over the brew round. Knowing both parties pretty well means they can make a judgement call and you can trust them not to land you in an awkward situation.
2. Get to know them in advance. This is the 21st century, blind dating is entirely unnecessary.
3. Have a vague idea of a plan. This is actually a no-brainer for all dates, but nobody wants to meet somewhere central then have four people instead of two saying ‘I don’t mind where we go’. Be decisive and if the night moves on, be prepared to make a suggestion.
4. Consider your location carefully. We went to Revolucion de Cuba in Leeds as it’s one of mine and my friend’s favourite bars and they also had a summer party going on. The combination of cocktail making and live music gave everyone someone to talk about, plus a couple of drinks helped everyone relax a bit.
5. Have a back up plan. If your first location is really busy or loud, be prepared to move onto somewhere a bit quieter like a restaurant or a quieter bar. This gives everyone the chance to speak as a group and the conversation can flow a lot more easily than it does when you’re shouting across a table.
6. Coordinate your outfit with your friend. I don’t mean turning up wearing matching outfits (it’s a double date, not a 90s girlband reunion) but a chat beforehand means you won’t end up looking the polar opposites of casual and dressy.
7. Take the hint of ‘I’m just nipping to the loo’ as ‘Toilets. Debrief. Now’. I mean, girls go to the toilets in pairs for a reason, if anything, look what happened to Hermione.

So, have you been set up on a double date? How did it go? Let me know in the comments, I’m keen to hear!

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