Why Nike Women is a yes from me

Nike Women Plus Size Models

A major sports brand featuring plus size models? That would be a massive yes to Nike and this is something which makes me very bloody cheery.

Plus size women are rarely represented in the sportswear industry. I mean, can you name a plus-size sportswear brand? I can’t. There are probably a few out there but they’re hardly swimming in the mainstream. And the highstreet brands that have a sportswear range? They rarely dip into the plus size. I mean, MissGuided? I’d have to spend an awful lot of time in the gym before I fitted into their sports wear and that’s coming from a size 16.

Contrary to what regularly comes out of the mouth of Katie Hopkins, not every plus size woman in the country is unfit. Yeah I know right? Ground breaking news right there. In fact, there are women a-plenty who are bigger and yet eat healthily and regularly exercise, whether they’re doing that to lose weight or it just so happens that they’ve found their natural size and it happens to sit above a size 14. Take my sister for example. She’s a size 16 and runs marathons FOR FUN. If anyone would like to tell me that plus size women are unfit, I will happily introduce you.

Nike has started featuring plus size women on their ‘@NikeWomen’ Instagram channel and for me, it’s a breath of fresh air. This is an absolutely massive sports brand which is acknowledging the curvy girl. They’re not doing it as a confidence boosting campaign, they’re not doing it to say ‘yes you’re curvy but you can exercise to’, they’re showing that curvy women are both fit and flexible. And that’s a massive yes from me. It’s normalising the fact that not every woman who exercises has abs, booty gains or killer quads. It says to me, as formerly the fat kid in school and regularly the fat girl in group exercise classes, that I’m good enough and that I’m included. And I like that.

Nike is representing a majority, not a minority and let’s face it, it’s representing all the women who wear their clothes. Beautiful women, who may be a little bigger than your standard model, but are still physically fit and healthy, alongside the slimmer women who are equally beautiful, fit and healthy. What more could you ask for from a sports brand?


  1. Love this and love Nike. It's my favourite sports brand. I am literally a walking advert for them from head to toe.lol
    I think it's great that they have stepped out and really listened and seen that gap in the market that, as you say, is a majority, not a minority. :)


    1. I am too, I only wear nike vests and trainers! I'm such a gym snob when it comes to branded workout gear! I'm so glad they're beginning to represent the majority of their customer base - I hope other brands follow their lead. xx

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