The various bibles of 90s girls

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Oh to be 12 again. LOL actually, I’ll pass on that awkward stage where ideally your entire wardrobe would have made us look as cool and edgy as Avril Lavigne when in reality we all looked like absolute idiots in those fishnet arm warmer things from Claire’s Accessories. Oh come on, we all went through that stage. But whilst our parents might think that learned the important things at school, let’s be realistic, this is where we learned the essentials.

Mizz Magazine
Remember that really awkward lesson with all the girls in your year where they break it to you that periods exist? And that you were going to spend approximately one week in four feeling like wank until you were in your 50s? Yeah, that’s great and everything but the real education came from the special period edition of Mizz which was given to every girl in your year. It was you pre-periods starting go-to guide and had some great fashion tips about turning a pair of old jeans into a bag and how to get the most from your Babyliss Crazybraid. What more does a girl need?

Sugar Magazine
Like one up from Mizz as it was that little bit more mature. It addressed all your early teen issues such as boys, how to con your parents into giving you more pocket money and the top picks from Tammy Girl.

Love Calculator
Not exactly a bible, more so a point of reference. This highly scientific method analysed the names of you and your crush and would give you a compatibility percentage so you’d know whether or not it’s worth pursuing your budding romance or not. Looking back, it *may* have been a random generator.

The Girls Series by Jacqueline Wilson
The teenage series from your favourite childhood author which was all kinds of relatable. We’re talking eating disorders, boys, those generally stupid situations that teenage girls get them into, all with three best friends who you can relate to. And then the TV series came out and Ellie wasn’t fat so suddenly it stopped being so real.

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
Mia had pretty much every teenage issue going and felt like your average geeky teenage girl’s spirit animal. We could live in hope of having a grandparent rock up out of the blue to tell you you’re a princess and we all wanted to find our very own Michael (I’m still looking, sigh).

More Magazine
Remember that? You hit 14 and despite having never had a boyfriend, you clearly need educating in all kinds of seduction techniques and sex tips. Not exactly an intended bible for year 9s, but it was what we’d read cover to cover at lunchtime then hide from our parents at home. And the confessions section was always pretty funny too.

What were your teenage bibles? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I remember Sugar! Wow! Memories! lol
    I remember and have heard of the others, but I used to get Sugar..


  2. I used to LOVE Sugar magazine, and there was Bliss as well which was pretty similar. I have no idea if teenage girls even have physical magazines to buy nowadays?! xx