Sun’s out, rum’s out

Trader Dan's Leeds The Hedonist Project

I bloody love rum. It’s getting to the point that it might replace the special place in my heart that vodka has held since I was 18. Yes, I know, I’m that person.

I blogged a while back about The Hedonist Project in Leeds, a concept bar which totally switches up every three months into something totally different, and they’ve just re-opened as Trader Dan’s Surf Shack. If you’re from Leeds, you’ll probably have spotted The Hedonist Project at the top off Boar Lane, just round the corner from Nandos. It’s gone from being Old Tom’s Gin Kitchen to a surf shack and it is my new favourite bar in Leeds.

I headed over for their for their press launch to spend the evening drinking rum punch and seeing what the new bar is all about. If you headed to the Gin Kitchen, you need to go back in now, just to see how much it has changed. There are murals painted by local artists and beachy vibes. Also, the music is absolutely brilliant. We’re talking a lot of noughties punk pop and by the time we were a few cups of punch in, we were having a bit of a sing-a-long. Yep, that happened.

Having had a taster of the food they serve, I’m now desperate to get back in there as it’s all very much tapas style sharing – definitely something I’m down with. I love the casual afternoons in a bar where you can drink, nibble and generally just relax. It’s the kind of place where you go to socialise and enjoy the company of your friends, rather than going to get wasted – and as a fully fledged adult, this is exactly what I’m down with. We tried the salt beef croquettes, coconut and polenta bites and crabbie patties, all of which are finger food I would 100% recommend. They do breakfast and main meals too which includes a breakfast burrito that also looks dreamy (‘I’m still waiting on that breakfast burrito diner girl’... points for anyone getting the ref).

When it comes to drinks, on the night we drank rum punch all night but I’m definitely down with drinking my way through the cocktail menu. When it comes to prices, they sit around the £7.50 mark which is pretty reasonable for a Leeds city centre bar.

So, will you be going for a drink at The Hedonist Project? Would you like to see more bars like this Leeds?


  1. Ahhh isn't it fab in there? I can't wait to go back and try some of the cocktails! x
    Sophie Cliff

    1. Same and also the food was pretty decent! Definitely the type of drunk tapas I need in my life xx

  2. This place looks and sounds great! I love the decor and the boards are shelves! :)


    1. You definitely need to give it a try when you're next over! x