My First Tattoo

Tattoo Fixers My first tattoo

As I write this I’m currently watching the first in the new series of Tattoo Fixers and wondering whether anyone in this show has half a brain cell. (Sorry if you’re reading this having either been on the show or your BFF has, but really?!).

I got my first tattoo over a year ago now and this is something which takes many people by surprise. Firstly, because it’s not visible day to day and secondly, if you’ve ever met my mum, you’ll know why many people have described me as ‘just not the type’ to have one. LOL. Legit, I waited till my sister got one before I did. Standard younger sister.

I toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo for a while but whilst I was a bit unsure of the design I wanted, I knew it wasn’t the right time. I spent an awful lot of time researching designs, Googling and on Pinterest but the idea came to me in the shower, much like many of my best ideas. It’s a great thinking place, you know?

My tattoo, as you can see in the pic at the top, is an open book with a quill across it and I can clarify that it is not a Harry Potter reference. My tattoo represents reading and writing, all I ever have done and all I ever want to do. Since I was little, I permanently I had my nose in a book and growing up, I read even more, wrote diaries, angsty teenage poetry and then my blog.

Mine is on my ribs and I can confirm that it hurt like an absolute bitch. The placement was important to me as I wanted it to be somewhere which is for me and for who I choose to show it to, not for everyone. Though I’ll show photos, I think that it’s different to see it in the flesh.

I got my tattoo at a studio in deepest darkest Burnley, and I actually chose the place knowing it was where my sister went for her first and knowing that her friends’ family own the place so that it’s reputable. Should I have put more research into the artist? Probably. I was lucky that I went in with a very vague idea and design that the artist turned into something I love. Looking back, it’s not a process I’d repeat!

So, that’s my first tattoo. I’m planning a second for later this year but I’ll be keeping that one underwraps. Also, I would strongly recommend watching the new series of Tattoo Fixers as there’s a lot of topless Jay and Sketch.


  1. I'm not sure if I knew you had this or not?! But either way I love it.
    I love tattoos that really have meaning. I'm not disputing that someone might have some connection to Hello Kitty or the Tasmanian Devil, but.. yeah.
    You are sooo brave to have your first on the ribs, but do you know what, I think you've set yourself up well. However I have this awful feeling that feet would be worse.. But can only complain about work done near my elbow.. THAT was a killer game changer from what I'd known! :/


    1. I definitely wouldn't let anyone near my feet with a needle - I'd end up twitching too much! And agreed, whilst I'm sure there are people out there who REALLY love Hello Kitty.... maybe just get a print and frame it? Haha. On your elbow sounds reeeeally painful though, I'd take ribs over that! xx