Life after graduation

Life after graduation

I graduated from university three years ago. THREE YEARS. Whilst everyone is posting throwback pics of their graduation, (myself included as, duh), I’m going to throw it out there that life post-uni has taught me more than my degree ever did. Whilst my university was, for me, a great stepping stone and halfway mark between 6th form and the real world, it’s wasn’t the making of me.

Here’s what I’ve learnt in the three years since I left university.

Marketing and PR.
Oh the irony. You do a degree focused around marketing and PR and yet learn more in your first 3 months in an agency than you did in the entire time you were at university. Don’t get me wrong, my degree showed me the very basics, but in an ever-changing industry, it’s the hands on experience that really teaches you about the subject.

How to live a healthy(ish) lifestyle.
I honestly look back at my time at university and wonder how I wasn’t incredibly ill the entire time. In fact, I was almost certainly dying on the inside. Whilst now, I’m far from a health guru, and let’s face it, I’m not exactly about to fade away, but at least I, y’know, eat vegetables. And do regular exercise. What a revelation.

I can be my own person.
When I was at university, I was so easily influenced that it makes me sad to look back at that. People could convince me to do anything, I let people walk all over me. Now? I feel as though I’ve learnt a lot more about how friendships should work (ie, two-way not one) and that being cancelled on at the last minute is something I won’t just accept as the norm. My time is just as valuable as everyone else’s, right?

Knowing what’s going on around you is important.
It’s so easy to live in the student bubble where you never read a paper or watch the news. If someone asked me about big things which happened to the world in that time, I wouldn’t have a clue. Which makes me sad. Now, I work in an industry with an almost hyperactive awareness of what’s going on and I love that I don’t just ‘miss’ world events through sheer ignorance.

Starting at the bottom is a must.
Turns out you don’t leave university and walk into a shit hot job straight away. Who knew? That’s far from what I was told when I was in 6th Form! I left uni with no job to go to as LOL this girl was not going back into retail, and I temped. In fact, I kept myself employed in back to back temp jobs for over a year before landing my dream graduate scheme over in Leeds. I did a lot of filing, I spent 6th months working as a secretary for an absolute idiot and I worked at the races. Did I want to? No. But unemployment wasn’t going on my radar.

If you don’t like it, change it.
I’m all about recognising triggers in life. When I’m down, I look for the reasons which have caused it and I look for where it spiralled from. When shit goes down and leaves me with a bad mood I just can’t shake, I take control of and organise everything else I possibly can in my life, so I’m feeling as little excess stress as possible. That way, I have time to focus on making positive changes to lift myself out of that shit mood.

What has post-uni life taught you? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love this post, and I definitely agree with you about learning a lot about myself after uni! I think Uni started the process, but one year after graduating I definitely know more about myself. Love this post a lot and glad post-uni life has been good to you in ways!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    1. Agreed, uni definitely allowed me to break away and find out a bit more about who I was - definitely the whole fresh start thing. But leaving uni has let me realise the kind of adult I want to be too :) xx