It’s not fun if you don’t run

10k training

As much as I can tell myself that little mantra on repeat, I’m not sure at what point I’ll begin to believe it. I’ve started running again. Remember back in May when I did a 5k race and swore never to run again? I’ll just take that back.

I ran that 5k at the pace of your average snail, it turns out slow and steady quite frankly does not win the race. I’ll defend this by saying this is the first 5k that I’d done in 18 months, I’d been ill for two weeks previously and I didn’t stop to walk once. I’ll leave my excuses for that somewhat poor performance there. (At least I didn’t come last, even if it did take me 47 minutes).

So the natural step is of course to sign up to two 10k races. LOL and I wasn’t even drunk when I agreed to them. I’m signed up to the Abbey Dash in Leeds in November which I’ll be running as part of a team from work. And then I had a bit of a wobble about embarrassing myself in front of my colleagues and signed up for the Women’s Running 10k which is in October so I could have a little practice go. Logic, right? On the plus side, it's looking like the Women's Running race could be a solo one for me so that's blog content right there. #Priorities.

My new running trainers have arrived, after I went into a proper running shop and ran on a treadmill to see what type of trainers I need. Apparently this is called a gait test. Just to reassure anyone who’s thinking of doing it, I went to Runners Need in Leeds and I ran at 7km/h for 30 seconds, so it’s far from a fitness test (thank God). I was told I need a neutral shoe as I run fairly naturally and as I already wear Nikes, to go for Nike Zoom or Nike Pegasus shoes. Of course, if you’re looking for running shoes, go get the test done to make sure you’re wearing the right trainers – how much damage you can do by wearing the wrong ones is unreal.

I ordered mine from Sweatshop as they had a massive sale on and they were £60 down from £120 – bargain, right? I’m hoping to give them a test run this week so no doubt that will be all over Twitter and Instagram when I do – I’ll be interested to see what the difference really is between these and my old trainers.

So, as training goes, I’m almost at the point of running a comfortable 5k without stopping to walk. The 5k race I did, I did run the whole way (slowly), but it did feel like it could have been the end of my life at some points along the route. Not that I’m a drama queen or anything. I’m determined to run the full 10k without stopping and honestly? I don’t really care what time I get. I just want to get over the finish line and get a medal and t-shirt.

I’m only running once a week at the moment as the evenings are just so warm (erm hello 28 degrees in the UK), so I’m usually out early doors on a Sunday morning. Now I’m running more frequently (ie actually running as opposed to entering a race having done zero training), I’ve moved up from snail’s pace to around the tortoise mark. As we get past this whole heatwave situation, I’m aiming to get out on an evening too so I’ll be running a couple of times a week. The worst thing about this though? I don’t take my phone with me so it means I’m outdoors and not catching Pokemon. Worst situation ever.

If anyone has any running tips, please let me know as God knows I need them. At the moment my runs are deemed successful if I don’t feel like I’m having a heart attack when I get back.


  1. Top tip on trainer test.. I should really give this a go. I've had the same cheap Nike trainers for 3 years now.. I love them so much. They're so comfortable and when I've tried to replace them I can't. Nothing compares. (cue Sinead O'Connor)
    You are so brave with your 10k runs. I'm in awe of you. I've just got back to running 5k's and it hasn't been easy. I'm sticking to running them 3-4 times a week. :)


    1. I get so emotionally attached to my trainers, it's unreal. So far my new ones are way better but I'm now 9 weeks off my first 10k and freaking out a bit! It's just so much hard work and I definitely need to up my game - I can't believe you run 3-4 times a week, that is serious commitment on top of the gym! xx