How to survive life in your mid 20s

At 24, I’m officially in my ‘mid’ rather than ‘early’ 20s. This is a pretty scary time so I thought I’d put together a little checklist together of what I think every 20-something millennial should be doing to survive it.

Own it
Absolutely everything you do, own it. Make everything you do the best it possibly can be, whether it’s smashing your targets at work, making a ton of effort for the people who love you or being the best parent you possibly can be. Not every person at this age will have the same priorities but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be the best version of themselves.

If you don’t like it, change it
This is so true. Whether you’re working somewhere that’s not your dream, in a relationship that’s gone sour or just want to change your hair, do it. Just do it. As if not now, when?

Get thrifty
For those of us who left university at 21/22, your mid 20s is unlike to see you looking down from the top ring of the career ladder so getting thrifty is important. Use that tastecard that came with your bank account at every opportunity. Shop in Primark. Befriend people of the same shoe size.

Spend time with your family
I can speak from experience when I say your family won’t always be there. Spend quality time with them. Talk to them. Discuss important things. Laugh together until it hurts.

Invest in the friendships you truly give a shit about
Growing and adapting with your friendship groups is so important at this age, especially when a lot of the time, you’ll have moved away from growing up in the same town. Make time to see the friends you love and cut out anything toxic.

Say yes to all the fun stuff you possibly can
If it sounds fun, just do it. Go do something a bit more unusual, make an effort to meet your friends’ friends, make memories whilst you can and do as much of it as you can. Let’s face it, you won’t be telling your grandkids about the time you sat in every night watching Dinner Date.

Find the lip colour that makes you feel sassy as hell
I cannot stress how important it is to have a fail-safe signature lip colour. It doesn’t have to be bold, but it does have to be the one that will always make you feel that bit more polished. Mine is by Seventeen at Boots and it’s about a fiver.
Don’t get a shit tattoo
If you want it, pay for what it’s worth. Whilst I’m 100% sure that our generation is going to have the coolest old folk ever, if it says ‘Magaluf 2011’ on your arse, you’ll forever look like a wanker.

Find your poison through extensive research
Working out which drink turns you into the nicest drunk and balances out with an OK(ish) hangover is vital research. I’ve concluded so far that whisky, rum and vodka all work for me when I stick to a single type of drink all night.

Do proper adulty stuff
Finding things like cheap deals on your insurance and bills might seem like a faff but it does actually save you a small fortune.

Know your worth
If you think people are taking advantage of you, say something. Whether it’s your mates, your family, your colleagues or anything else, know what you’re worth and try not to be a pushover. Favours are fine as long as it’s a two way street.

How are you surviving life at this point? Are you part of the Peter Pan generation?

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