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Tilda Rice and Pulses Recipe

Surprising right? Anyone who has known me from my university days when I lived off pasta bake for three years will probably be quite surprised to hear that I actually cook proper food nowadays. But, when it comes to cooking, I’m still very much a convenience person and I don’t do hanging around.

I was sent some Tilda Rice pouches to try and I found that they really work well with Joe Wicks recipes. 15 minute meals and 1 minute for a portion of rice and pulses? Winner. The pouches also serve one person (unlike the other microwave rice which seem to serve 1 ½ people?!), so it’s just the right portion size for little old me, and they’re one of your five a day. Excellent news.

I did the turkey meatballs and feta recipe from Joe Wicks’ first book and had it with the coconut and jerk flavour rice and pulses. Weird combo and yet it really worked. Like Italian meets Caribbean. I know, I like to live life on the edge.

Recipe-wise, you will need:

-        ½ Courgette
-        1 pepper
-        1 red onion
-        6x turkey meatballs (this is half the usual Joe Wicks recipe)
-        ½ tbsp of coconut oil
-        1x tin of chopped tomatoes
-        1x pouch of Tilda rice with pulses in whichever flavour you fancy

Heat up the oil, stirfry the veg until soft. Whack in the meatballs and brown them off, add the chopped tomatoes and simmer till cooked through. Serve over the rice and pulses.

Honestly, this actually takes 15minutes so it’s the absolute dream when you’re starving after work plus the carby goodness of the rice and pulses keeps you full. Excellent. This is a good recipe for anyone who’s on Slimming World/Weightwatchers too as it’s high on your free foods and easy to adapt to each plan.

Do you fancy trying this? Will you be coming round for tea? Let me know.

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