Dining in at it’s best

Deliveroo Barburrito Leeds

I’m a big fan of food, as you all know, and my new favourite thing in Leeds is Deliveroo. Yes, hello, I’m waltzing into that party several months late. My bad.

Deliveroo is up there with Uber and AirBnb as one of the greatest business ideas ever. Just like how Uber owns no cars and AirBnb owns no property, Deliveroo owns no restaurants. I mean, the people behind these ideas are absolute geniuses. Deliveroo delivers from all of the best places in Leeds and whilst it’s expensive, when you sign up, there are discount codes just a Google search away.

I ended up with £10 credit on my account after I ordered last week and my order turned up cold (sad face), but as I’ve used it again this week, I thought I’d share the great experience I’ve had tonight. As y’know, it’s nice to be nice. I must admit, last week I was bloody impressed with their customer service on Twitter (I work in social media, I love a great response system), and tonight blew my mind a tad.

I ordered from Barburrito in Leeds and I live about a 25min walk from said restaurant. My order was at my door within 12 minutes of me pressing confirm on my order. 12 MINUTES. Now that is the service today’s hangover needed.

I had a burrito which was approximately the size of my head, filled with so much meat and guacamole that I seriously struggled to finish it (obvs I persevered), a side of tortilla chips with guacamole (I really love guacamole), a diet coke and churros. Can you tell that I’m the type to need to eat away a hangover?

I’m currently in the world’s worst food coma, have a food baby making me look a tad preggo and all round I’m feeling content with the world. Needless to say, I definitely need to go for a run tomorrow morning.

Have you used Deliveroo before? Have I convinced you?


  1. Oh I sooooo wish Deliveroo delivered to Rodley! We are too far away :( I always use it when I'm staying in London for work though and I agree, best invention ever xxx
    Sophie Cliff

  2. This sounds like heaven, must try it out!

    Parie x