Charity cocktails at The Botanist - Leeds

The Botanist Leeds Mesothelioma UK Charity Cocktail

I’m a cocktail fan. I love all kinds of alcoholic concoctions and in all honesty, I don’t understand why you’d ever plump for a vodka and diet coke when there is something far more fancy on offer. I was invited down to The Botanist in Leeds to help decide which cocktail would be their charity cocktail for July.

Yes, that would be cocktails for a good cause. Cocktails which make a difference. Yep. Just take that in.

The Botanist are supporting Mesothelioma UK throughout July by donating £1 from every one of their charity cocktails sold. Great idea, right?

Mesothelioma UK supports people living with asbestos cancer, something which is fairly prevalent in Yorkshire towns and cities due to their industrial roots. The charity offers a freephone helpline, provides information and of course offers help to those suffering from this terrible disease.

I think this partnership is an incredible idea as The Botanist is already known for its’ cocktails, people go in there with the intent of buying them and having a charitable donation attached will really make a difference. I’m a long-time fan of The Botanist, having eaten and drank there many times since it opened so I’m already fairly well-acquainted with their menu – though the fact that their bar staff are so willing to go off-menu sets it apart. That, and they have the friendliest staff. Every single time I’ve been in the Leeds bar I’ve commented on how lovely everyone is that works there.

On the night itself, myself and a group of lovely bloggers tried four cocktails, curated by four members of The Botanist’s team who went up against each other whilst we scored them. 

The first was a ginger mojito – much like a traditional mojito but replacing the soda with ginger ale and adding a slice of fresh ginger to garnish. 

The second was made to taste like a drumstick lolly, with vanilla and raspberry vodkas being the basis of the drink. 

The third was slightly more obscure with raspberry vodka, vanilla liqueur and avocado as an added ingredient, creating a creamy but not actually creamy cocktail. 

The last cocktail was spicy and for those who are into hot tasting things, it would be delicious but for me, I just couldn’t handle the heat of the chilli seeds in the bottom!

It was pretty unanimous when we chose ‘Holy Guacamole’ as our winning cocktail. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drink something which tasted like ice-cream in cocktail form?! It’s  definitely different and I’m hoping that everyone who heads into The Botanist in Leeds throughout July will be curious enough to try it and raise money for charity at the same time.

What do you think? If you head over to The Botanist and try Holy Guacamole, tweet me and let me know what you think! @GlassesGirl3

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