What I miss about the school holidays

What I miss about the school holidays

Oh kids these days with their 6 week summer holidays. If only we’d know that we really were living the dream. Here’s what I miss about the summer holidays.

1. The build up. You get to do all sorts of summery fun activities in the last week of term as let’s face it, the teachers have also stopped giving a crap about your education and are looking forward to a break too. One day, the TV which lives in a wheelie cabinet might have even appeared for you to watch a film (once your teacher has finally made it work).

2. The determination that you’re going to come back in September as a whole new person. We’re talking 14 year old girls set on losing weight, having the most stylish version of their school uniform as possible and you know what, it might be time to get a fringe and completely transform yourself.

3. The summer where you were finally allowed the freedom to hop on a train with your girlfriends to the next big city to stare at the MAC make up you’ve always dreamed of but not surprisingly, cannot afford.

4. Trying to arrange meeting up with everyone around family holidays. Someone always got left out and hated on you till September. #SorryNotSorry

5. Late night MSN chats as let’s face it, it’s not like we had to get up for school the next day.

6. Spending hours pouring over Sugar magazine and dreaming of the holiday romance you’d never have as you weren’t going abroad that year.

7. Being a sophisticated young woman and saving up your cash to go to a restaurant where you actually sit down and eat and get given a bill at the end and everything. That restaurant being a cheap, local Italian, obvs.

8. Taking a digital camera everywhere as you never know when the moment to capture that Myspace profile picture could come up. Could it be in that Italian restaurant you frequent every week? Probably. Could it also be on the middle of a roundabout? Maybe.

9. Spending life sitting in a field with your friends because you’re at one with nature and the like.

10. Seeing teachers out and about shopping, losing your shit and having to go hide.

11. That all important trip to WH Smiths to pick your new stationary for the year. Best shopping trip ever.

What do you miss about secondary school? Let me know in the comments.

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