What I miss about nights out when I was 18

Nights out when I was 18

Adulting is just a bit tough, don’t you think? Here’s what I miss about going out when I was 18.

1. Cheap sugar-fuelled drinks. Whether it was 4 VKs for a fiver or splashing out and having a Smirnoff Ice, who regrets the days where you could feel genuinely drunk from the sheer number of additives in these multicoloured bottles.

2. When shots were Corkys or Sourz. They were never more than a quid and made you look sassy as hell at the bar whilst you necked a baby pink shot of strawberry and cream flavour liquid.

3. Having a new dress every weekend. Long gone are the days when I had enough disposable income to swan into New Look for a new floral number every Saturday.

4. Accessorising every outfit with an elasticated waist-belt to create an hourglass figure, just as Gok taught you.

5. Having to buy a clutch bag to accommodate all of your essentials, including your trusty digital camera. What’s a night out without uploading a whole new Facebook album the following morning?

6. Needing to think through some FBI-style plan to get your underage mate with the dodgy ID into every bar with you. We’re talking sending them in first whilst you lurk round the corner, waiting for the ‘I’m in!’ text. This is what happens when you’re all 18 but your 17 year old mate borrows ID from her 25 year old friend.

7. Ordering whichever pitcher in Yates that was a fiver and when asked how many glasses you’d like, replying with ‘it’s OK, I’ll just grab a straw’. Sharing apparently was not caring.

8. Not having wine standards. It may taste like paint stripper but if it’s cheap, you’re there.

9. Knowing absolutely everyone who was out. Now, when I go out, I’ll bump into one person who looks a bit familiar at a push (most likely because they work in a shop I’m always in or something) but aged 18? Most of year 13 will be there.

10. Feeling like the most popular person in the world when you see a group of people you know that aren’t from school as hey, a girl has a life outside of A Levels don’t you know.

11. The struggle of branching out of your usual route and heading into a regular pub where you realise that you don’t really like the taste of alcohol unless it’s masked with excessive amounts of sugar. So you panic, get a half of diet coke and hope everyone assumes it’s got something alcoholic mixed in.

12. Having a list of numbers in your phone from random boys you may or may not have snogged (what can I say, when under the influence of one too many alcopops...), which have been saved by the location you met them and a brief description, rather than by their name, never to be contacted again.

13. When everything described as a cocktail was a novelty. Drinking Sex on the Beach or Woo Woo made you classy AF, even when it was served in a regular glass as it was way before the days of jam jars.

14. Hangovers could be dealt with whatever food your mum had in and they’d disappeared by lunchtime anyway as at 18, you don’t actually have proper hangovers. Nowadays, it’s a two day recovery job and I have to plan my breakfast in advance as my mum isn’t there to make me it. Sigh.

Anyone else miss the wild nights of an 18 year old when still in school?

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