The longest train journey in the world.

Having spent 6 hours on a train back up north last week, I thought I’d write this list about troublesome train journeys and the little things that we’ve all encountered whilst travelling.

1. Delays. Well, duh. The moment when you’re just sat all chilled, Instagramming your Starbucks and basking in that smug feeling that you’re on time for once and BAM it’s delayed.

2. Encountering railway staff who are never as informed as the internet. It must be tough for them.

3. Getting a seat only for someone to either sit next to or opposite you when there are multiple pairs of empty seats throughout the carriage. Why the hell do you opt in to close proximity and an elbow room battle with a stranger?!

4. That one person who talks to you. WHY?! I’m not here to make friends. I don’t want to tell you where I’m heading, what I do for a living or anything else. Pipe down.

5. The stress of a connection. Only got 7 minutes between trains? Let’s hope it doesn’t get any more delayed.

6. When the train just grinds to a halt in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it just fancied a quick nap? Not like anyone’s got anywhere to be.

7. Trains without aircon. Having spent a total of 6 hours travelling on a combination of trains with just a couple of open windows for ventilation that weren’t even moving fast enough to cause a significant breeze, I can confirm that when it’s 24 degrees outside, this isn’t comfortable.

8. Trying to find the balance between conserving phone battery and regularly refreshing Instagram/the National Rail app.

9. Train toilets. That risky ‘is it genuinely locked because I pressed the button’ scenario is more stress than it’s worth.

10. Vending machines in stations that swallow your money and keep your crisps. Trust me, when you’re halfway through the aforementioned 6 hour journey from Norwich to Leeds on what can only be described as poverty trains, those precious moments in a station spent raiding a vending machine is your only hope. Needless to say, sharing a Kitkat and a Twirl between two isn’t ideal.

Whilst trains are great whilst they’re functioning correctly, sometimes it can get so ridiculous that you just sit there and have to laugh. What train dramas have you had recently?

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