The EU Referendum

EU Referendum 2016 Propganda

I know what you’re thinking, this is a bit out of my usual remit of bad dates and food porn but hear me out.

I sincerely hope everyone who’s reading this has registered to vote in the upcoming EU referendum (later this month, please don’t miss it, this shit is important), and everyone is at least trying to get a tad clued up on the basics. Let’s face it, if you don’t vote, you have zero right to bitch and moan about the resulting changes of it and we all know how I like to sound my opinions. (LOL no joke).

When it comes to the referendum, I know which way I’m voting – to stay in. Just y’know, in case you’re interested, as I have zero issue with revealing that fact to the world. But how I’m voting isn’t what this post is about, it’s about the information that is available for us to make our decisions on.

If you’ve been knocking about Leeds city centre recently, you’ll notice hoards of ‘vote leave’ *dickheads*, sorry, I meant ‘representatives’ trying to convert everyone to the cause. As with anyone thrusting leaflets at me in the street, it’s a head down and avoid situation. But there are loads of them, lining the main streets and quite frankly getting in everyone’s way more so than your average charity mugger.

I don’t particularly like this technique. I tend to go by the rule of thumb when it comes to opinions – that they are like penises. It’s fine to have one, until you try and shove it down my throat. And that’s what these people are doing with their excessive questioning and leaflet thrusting in the street. I (and I hope many other people) have not made my decision on which way to vote based on what an absolute stranger has told me as I go about my daily life on a Saturday afternoon, in the 15 seconds they have before I tell them I’m in a hurry. And yet they insist on being there to spread their gospel message, like I give a shit when all I want to do is go to New Look.

What really riles me is the ‘Official information about the referendum on 23 June 2016’ leaflet that was posted through my door today. A plain, white leaflet with the word ‘FACT’ picked out in a big, bold, red font. Naturally, I assumed that this was an ‘official’ and thus impartial document and picked it up for a browse.

And then I spotted the web address: ‘’.

Now, I feel lied to. This is a Vote Leave document that’s dressed up as something impartial that’s been posted through my door to help me. This document is the oatmeal and raisin cookie that you bit into thinking it was chocolate chip.

If this campaign feels the need to almost falsify their information to appear to come from an impartial source, it makes me feel misled. And if you’re misleading about this, what else? How can I trust their information when they’re trying to trick me? What if voting for you opens up a whole new packet of oatmeal and raisin cookies and there are never any chocolate chip ones to be seen again?

Any group of people which deliberately tries to lie to me doesn’t get my vote (especially as I had chosen to vote the other way before encountering the leaflet thrusters or illicit post).

How do you feel about referendum propaganda? Are you struggling to find out the facts or have you made up your mind? 

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