Roxy Ballroom – Huddersfield

So it turns out that Huddersfield waited until I left university before introducing a load of really cool bars. Cheers Huddersfield. It’s a good job I’m back there all the time to see friends who still live there after graduating or I’d feel like I was seriously missing out.

If you’re from Leeds then you’ll probably already be very familiar with Roxy Ballroom and Roxy Lanes. They the type of bars which are about good quality food and drinks, reasonable prices and having a really fun time whilst you’re there. They’re the kind of venues where you can’t just go sit and have a drink with your friend whilst you sit and stare at your phones and don’t speak, because there’s too much going on.

And now, there is a Roxy Ballroom in Huddersfield. If you’re familiar with the town, it’s just up from Warehouse, where Varsity used to be.

The way it’s been done out is pretty unreal, having known the building as a relatively sticky chain bar in the past. It’s very in-keeping with the Roxy styling of being a bit industrial, with graffiti art and neon lights, but the different levels gives it a bit more of an edge. 

It feels like there are loads of different areas to be in as beer pong, ping pong and pool are all in separate bits, with loads of seating in between and a roof terrace at the top.

I headed down with a few friends for Roxy’s press evening and lucky us, we got to sample some of their menu. Having eaten at Roxy Lanes in Leeds before, I had high hopes and I wasn’t disappointed. You can expect pizzas (stone baked, of course), burgers, chips and sharing plates like bruschetta. I’ve always been impressed by the quality of the food, especially as it’s not all that expensive. The last time I ate at Roxy in Leeds I had the meat feast pizza and it actually has strips of steak on it – that’s the kind of fresh ingredients you can expect here too. Likewise, the cocktails are reasonably priced too and having drunk my way through at least half of the menu to date, I can vouch for them being delicious.

What I really love about Roxy is just how fun it is. It’s the kind of place where you go and you can easily stick there for a good few hours, rather than moving from bar to bar. There’s always a great atmosphere and I think that almost child-like, hyperactive attitude to a bar is something Huddersfield has been missing. Whilst the town has covered off a lot of chains and student-y pubs, this is the only place which seems to offer more than just food and drink and the odd pool table. Roxy has brought an injection of daytime fun into Huddersfield which it has needed for a long time!

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