My favourite authors

Favourite Authors

When it comes to reading, I’m all over chick lit. I love funny, feminine and romantic stories, with sassy characters and unpredictable endings. I still remember back when I was at university, every time I felt homesick I’d go to Waterstones and find a new book to read. Either that or I’d go to Sainsburys as it had the same layout as the one back home and it made me feel like I was in York.

But I digress.

I thought I’d put together this post of the authors who I always end up going back to. These are the authors where I’m signed up to their newsletters and pre-order their books as I’ve already read every other one they’ve written.

I started reading her books back when I was at university and I happened to be having a homesick moment in Waterstones when I’d picked up her book ‘A Winter’s Tale’ and realised she was actually in the store doing a signing when I was there. It’s still one of my favourites by her and I love that I have a signed copy. Having read all of her novels, what I love is that the characters from each book sometimes pop up in others.

I read her book The Wish List a couple of years back and after finding myself sat in a hotel room laughing to myself when I was only a couple of chapters in, I knew I’d found an author who’s books I’d read again and again. Her novel ‘Girl on the run’ inspired me to run my first 10k and I’ve since had read many of her books several times over.

I first picked up her novel ‘Christmas at Tiffanys’ when I wanted a seasonal read and have since worked my way through her entire collection. I’m currently reading ‘A Summer Without You’, which is one of her 2014 novels and I’m only a few chapters in and totally hooked.  Her winter novels are perfect for absolutely clich├ęd rainy weekends where you sit indoors burning candles, drinking tea and eating your way through a packed of biscuits.

Whilst Sophie Kinsella is famed for her Shopaholic series, I actually prefer her standalone novels which never seem to get as much of the limelight. The first of her books which I read was The Undomestic Goddess which I picked up in a charity shop in York which must have been around 7 years ago. I ended up reading many of her books before moving onto the Shopaholic series and being drawn into the world of Becky Bloomwood.

So they’re my top chick lit authors who I strongly recommend you get buying (or downloading... sigh) for your summer holidays. Let me know if you’re a fan!

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