MOD Pizza – Leeds

MOD Pizza Leeds

I heart pizza, there is no denying it, so when I was invited to try out the new MOD Pizza restaurant just outside of Leeds (up on Cardigan Fields – same retail estate as Vue/Virgin/Xercise4Less etc), I jumped at the chance.

Custom pizza is 100% my thing and as MOD stands for Made On Demand, this is right up my street. The basic structure is that you order your pizza and they’re all the same price per size – an 11 inch is £7.47. So you can either pick something on the menu as your starting block and customise from there or go straight from scratch and make it up as you go along – and that’s what Georgia and I did.

MOD has only just come to the UK and the Leeds branch is the first of many which are due to open this year. They chose Leeds as it has a real sense of community and they actually picked the location up on Kirkstall road as it’s not the most affluent area of Leeds and their aim is to provide good food on a budget. The whole concept of MOD from the founders perspective was that they wanted a place where their kids could go eat good, fresh pizza at an affordable price.

Pizza does get a bad rep for being unhealthy, but MOD veers more towards good quality, fresh ingredients that stop it being the grease-fest you usually get in anywhere that serves food as quickly as they do. It literally took about 10mins from us sitting down to us getting our food and that was with a good few orders ahead of us. I love that the ingredients as locally sourced as much as possible too.

As I started my custom pizza from scratch, I went for BBQ sauce, mozzarella, a whole host of meat and topped it with mushrooms, peppers and even more mozzarella. Georgia was a tad more restrained and had a tomato and pesto base, mozzarella, chicken and some veg on it too. I just couldn’t help but want a bit of absolutely everything! The pizzas were both delicious – we cleared our plates! I really liked how you can tell you’re eating quality food and it’s all stonebaked which makes it feel authentic – there’s no oil involved at all.

Drinks-wise, there’s the same kind of idea of set pricing. For example, you can have a shake where you choose your flavour and can have as many toppings as you like for the same price. I went for vanilla topped with oreo and it was simply the most delicious sweet and creamy and thick and beautiful drink known to mankind. Georgia chose to have a lemonade as they do a lot of different flavours of fresh lemonades so she went for strawberry. They also do re-fillable soft drinks where you can put flavour shots in too which is very exciting as who doesn’t want a shot of lime with their diet coke?

MOD for me is a cut above other pizza chains as they really give a shit about their customers. Every person who walks through the door is greeted by all the members of staff who are at the front desk and they genuinely make you feel welcome – which is a cut above a lot of budget restaurants! There’s such a focus on customer service and it feels as though the restaurant has been created for all the right reasons. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re on a budget but also somewhere I’d go out of my way to go to as an alternative to going into town.

Do you fancy trying MOD pizza? 


  1. Oh my goodness...I should not have read this on an empty stomach ;)

  2. I've never heard of this branch before but I hope they bring one out in Sheffield as I love DIY pizzas, you can just have it exactly as you like it. I'm dairy free too and on their website it says that they have vegan cheese!
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

    1. The staff were saying about how within the next 12 months they'll be expanding all over the country so they may well do! And yes, they do vegan cheese :)

  3. I'm going on Wednesday, so excited! This looks amazing :) x

    1. What did you think Jennie? I can't wait to go back!