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Brock Turner Rape
You know when you see some absolute utter shite scrawled across the internet and it makes you simultaneously infuriated that you can’t reach out and shake the writer and sad that their views might reach and influence impressionable minds? There seems to be a lot of that knocking about at the moment, worryingly about the topic of rape.

Take Brock Turner for example. He was recently sentenced to 6 months in jail after being found guilty of 3 counts of sexual assault. This man assaulted an unconscious woman in January 2015, behind a dumpster, outside a Stanford University frat party. Two men saw him on top of her and managed to keep hold of him until the police arrived.

His father stated that his son should not have been imprisoned for ’20 minutes of action’.

This is a parent. A parent stating that his son trying to penetrate an unconscious woman behind a bin was ’20 minutes of action’. It absolutely horrifies me that anyone can defend what this man did. His victim was in no position to consent to his actions, he proceeded and admitted he sexually assaulted her and would have raped her had he not been stopped. This is a parent who is more concerned about his son’s swimming career being ruined than he is that his son is a sexual predator.

His words have been across every top media publication and have been shared widely on social media across the world. Words like this trivialise what happened. They imply that ‘it’s not that bad’. These words, amongst many others, are the reasons why women don’t report assaults as it stops them believing that they’ll be taken seriously at a time when they’re at their most vulnerable.

It wasn’t just his dad who spoke out either. A female friend of his called the conviction ‘political correctness’. She stated that ‘rape on campus isn’t always because people are rapists’.

Did I miss something here?

Firstly, it absolutely blows my mind that a woman (or anyone else) can take the side of a convicted rapist, who was witnessed assaulting an unconscious woman, over the side of his female victim. But trying to blame the culture of university life for his actions?

She states that ‘rape on campuses isn’t always because people are rapists’.

Really? Well, in that case, who is raping them if they’re not rapists? I find it disgusting that she dismisses the situation as ‘idiot boys going too far’. No. Just no. Being a student doesn’t make it OK to rape someone. Being drunk doesn’t make it OK to rape someone. NOTHING makes it OK to rape someone.

In case you're confused about consent, here's a video:

I find it so infuriating that a woman could be this ignorant about such an important topic. Rape is rape. There are no two ways about it. If there isn’t consent, it is rape.

I imagine that if she was unconscious and had to have a man who was sexually assaulting her dragged off her, she’d probably have a very different attitude the situation. I can’t imagine in that scenario she’d brush it off and say ‘boys will be boys’. Can you?

There’s an awful lot of shit on the internet right now regarding this topic and it’s something I’ve felt the need to speak out about.

Always remember, that if you have been a victim of sexual assault, there is help available to you. Never be ashamed to speak up and get support. 

For women: Victim Support - Call free on 0808 1689 111

For men: Survivors UK - Go online for web and SMS support

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