Feeling nostalgic

Feeling nostalgic

Last week I went to see Busted and you know what? They were bloody brilliant.

I’m all about nostalgia. I love throwbacks and whilst some reunion tours can be considerably questionable (Backstreet Boys, I’m looking at you), seeing Busted made me feel like I was a 12 year old fan girl and I loved every second.

As they played through all of the classics that everyone knows and also some lesser known album tracks, it got me thinking about how much things have changed since Busted were around. I was 12 when they broke up and I remember at the time trying to conceal my sadness by saying that they weren’t cool (I was trying to be cool and alternative and misunderstood at the time, listening to the one Slipknot song I knew back then on repeat). Secretly, I was devastated.

Being a teenager was tough and whilst the struggle is real for teenagers in 2016, really, they had no idea. Here’s why.

1. Not having a Nokia 3310. Everyone but me had one and I had to deal with some shit whack-a-mole type came on my Siemens instead of snake.

2. Having a phone was expensive. Texts were 10p each. A £5 top up disappears quite quickly when you’re trying to catch up on all the goss on an evening and every character needs to earn it’s place.

3. Fighting your mum for the house phone. She might want to ring your aunty to discuss something mundane like family drama but does nobody understand how important it is for you to debrief with your BFF about the last 7 hours you’ve spent together at school?

4. Everyone having MSN before you. I was 14 when I got MSN and I was way late to the party.

5. Also, MSN screen names. Actually having to listen to non-guilty pleasure music as everyone can see when you link your Windows Media Player to it and then having to decide which friends to mention in your name. Drama.

6. The only makeup options you got were those juicy tube clear glosses, dream matte mousse and anything from the Natural Collection range. How exactly do teenagers seem to be able to afford all of these premium brand products whilst I’m still limited to Rimmel?

7. The fanciest pants we got were from La Senza. Remember that? Nowadays you see 14 year olds walking around with cute little Victoria’s Secret shopping bags or posting Instagram selfies in matching Calvin Klein sets. I mean, seriously?

8. There were no filters for your selfies. It was either a dodgy flash in the mirror, taking a million on your digital camera and hoping you got your whole face or giving up then and there. Sigh. Selfies were actually a reflection of what you looked like and everything.

9. We had no beauty bloggers doing tutorials back then. It was all about whatever blue eyeshadow and glittery hair mascara that came free with Sugar magazine.

10. All your homework came off an Encarta disc. Who knew, there was actually a time before you could just Google it.

Who knew being a teen was so tough? Yet in an age where teens seem to be under more pressure than ever to look like a Kardashian, behave like Zoella and get unrealistically high grades, I think I’ll take the dodgy make-up and pay as you go phone issues.

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