Banyan Leeds - Restaurant Review

Banyan Leeds Review

Not long back I went to a preview night at Banyan Leeds and I chatted through who they are, what they’re about and what I thought, and luckily enough for me, I was invited back to review a meal in the restaurant earlier this week.

I’ve already expressed how much of a fan I am of Banyan and the Leeds branch definitely lives up to the high expectations I have from visiting their York bar on many occasions. I went in for dinner with my blogging wife, Jessica, on Monday and we were absolutely in need of something delicious.

The drinks we chose were from their cocktail menu and I went for the Gin Garden and Jess had a Very Berry mocktail. Gin is certainly the most popular spirit going at the moment and who can complain when it’s mixed with a lemon and basil infused spirit and topped with prosecco? It’s sweet enough to taste delicious but also refreshing, so it’s the perfect long drink to have over dinner. Jess’ fruity mocktail was also really refreshing as it was a mix of cranberry, apple, strawberry, mint and lime.

We  skipped starters (I’m forever #TeamDessert), and went straight for mains. I chose the chicken skewer which is beautifully cooked chicken breast with peppers, courgette and red onion, served with a superfood quinoa salad and BBQ sauce. Jess went for the halloumi version which also looked SO good. I’m a big fan of the Banyan menu as it’s very much a crowd-pleaser in terms of their menu. I have a few vegetarian/gluten free/fussy in general friends and there’s something for everyone. I’d also recommend it to my friends at WeightWatchers as the menu is very much adaptable to the plan and there are always healthy sides which you actually would want to have, rather than feeling like you’re missing out because everyone else has chips.

As I mentioned before, I’m totally a dessert person and I chose the triple chocolate brownie with honeycomb icecream. This was SO good. It was so rich and gooey and chocolatey and the icecream so creamy and sweet with swirls of toffee and crunchy bits. Oh, it was the dream. I’m always that person who goes for something chocolate-based for dessert (I think it’s genetically conditioned into me or something), and I have zero regrets about this choice as it’s SO good. Usually brownies can be a bit.... processed? Is that the right word? This tasted like it was freshly baked and it tasted heavenly. Jess chose the bakewell tart which isn’t something I’ve seen on many pudding menus but it’s definitely a fave of mine too.

All in all, I still love Banyan and would recommend them to anyone. In fact, I’ve been recommending them since I first went to the York branch over two years ago! It’s the place you can take your mum, take your mates or go on a date to. The staff are really friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the decor is totally Instagrammable. What more does a girl need?


  1. This looks incredible!!! I am so obsessed with gin right now. Xx

    1. Gin is absolutely my new fave and there are so many places in Leeds for it right now. I imagine the London gin scene is on another level though! Xx