The guys you find on dating sites

I almost forget that there are people my age who have dated since the pre-Tinder days. Who knew that was still a thing? One of my friends actually met her boyfriend on a train and that was in post-Tinder days. Crazy, right?

We all know that Tinder, POF and the rest attract the weird, the wonderful and your just normal folk as well so I thought I’d put this post together of the ‘types’ of people you find on dating sites.

1. The copy and paste wonders. The first message is usually something about how beautiful your eyes are and would you like to chat. That first message has gone to you and every other girl in their search results. Special, huh?

2. The one who makes you laugh. Their profile is witty, their first message is witty and it gives you high hopes that you can actually have a decent first conversation. Good work.

3. Topless guys. Well, if you work that hard for abs, nobody can blame you for showing them off, right?

4. Festival goers. This is great if you too are a festival goer as you can compare what you thought of every festival they’ve ever been to which have been listed in their bio.

5. Outdoorsy people. They love hiking, camping, travelling and everything that goes with it*.

*disclaimer, they may only have done all of the above once.

6. The Jeremy Kyle wannabes. We’re talking the full back story as to why they’re single with more details than you get in one of those trashy real life magazines. I saw one detailing about how his ex-fiance had run off with his brother and he found out about it all a week before the wedding. #Drama

7. The ones who have a child in their main photo. Whilst I’m all for single parents dating and whatever, do you really want to have that awkward ‘so does that child belong to you’ conversation? Also, would you really put a photo of a child (yours or otherwise) onto a site full of strangers?

8. The ones who look nothing like their photos. I’m all for a flattering angle, but looking quite definitely like a whole other person is a bit far, especially when you’re only a few Google searches away from finding your tagged Facebook photos. Though it’s not like women aren’t also into a bit of trickery, as one of my best guy friends found when he got catfished. I laughed, he was traumatised.

9. The guys who have a criteria. Usually stating ‘not crazy’. Smooth.

10. Those who clearly have a niche. Whether it’s getting a direct message asking you if you’d like to be a submissive or them using various dating platforms to advertise their dungeon, there’s always the few who’d probably have better luck on a more specialised site.

11. Someone you recognise but can’t place their face. Whether it’s someone who works in a bar in town or a guy who goes to your gym (LOL I’ve found a fair few of both on Tinder), it’s the awkward moment when you have to work out how you know them out of context.

12. The guy you’d take home to your mum. He ticks all of the parent pleasing boxes and when you meet up, he’s as lovely in the flesh. N’aww.

So, tell me, how many of these guys have you found on your dating profiles? Let me know in the comments!

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