Summer Loving

Disclaimer - This photo dates back to summer 2013. Eek.

So summer appears to be done for the year. Great stuff. I feel like I owe everyone an apology for this as I actually went out and bought summer clothes and I think I cursed the lot of us. My bad.

But on the off chance that we get another bout of sunshine this year, here's what is great about summer.

1. It’s actually nice to be outside. As someone with an aversion to fresh air, I surprise even myself when I say that lazing around outside is pretty dreamy in the sunshine.

2. Everyone’s more optimistic. It can’t just be me that’s feeling this, right? January might be for resolutions, but true life decisions deserve a beer garden.

3. The icecream man comes to work. What more could you want than a 99 dripping all over your keyboard?

4. You can go to the seaside without getting hypothermia. I’m all in favour of winter seaside trips but do you know what’s even better? Going to Scarbados on an evening, grabbing an icecream and having a stroll down the beach with your mates in the dark. Warm, balmy evenings are made for this.

5. Outside lunches. I’m lucky to work near Leeds Dock and there have been times when almost the entire company has been out there on a lunch time enjoying the sun.

6. Summer pastel nail polishes are in and that means you no longer risk staining your nails when you’re time restricted and need to sacrifice your base coat.

7. Going for mid-week drinks after work is even more acceptable as team bonding should 100% take place outside your local pub with a pint of cider in hand.

8. It’s sunglasses season and time to wear them for more than just driving. Winner.

9. You can go on a night out without relying on a vodka-jacket to stop you freezing to death. Definitely a plus.

10. Everyone takes care of themselves a bit more and whilst it’s a massive effort to shave your legs/paint your toenails/create perfectly tousled beachy waves, it’s nice to look nice, right?

11. Prints are everywhere. I love a good kimono/vest combo in the summer and what more could you want than something bright, colourful and perfectly pretty?

12. Everyone loves some Vitamin D. It’s just nice to feel the sun on your face, right? Obvs I’m all over factor 30 (and so should everyone else as damaging your skin is not cool), but feeling the warmth and having that summer glow is what it’s all about. I say glow and what I mean is that I might go a darker shade of white at some point.

What do you love about summer? Let me know in the comments.

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