Summer eats in Leeds

The New Conservatory Leeds

As you may have noticed, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I LOVE eating out. I’m absolutely a foodie when it comes dinner that isn’t made by me and there is no faster way to my heart than a menu where I’m spoilt for choice. I love that struggle of what to have and having to make a snap decision when you have a waiter looking at you expectantly. It’s even better when you make the best choice and everyone else is well jel of your dinner choice. It’s the little things.

I’m trying desperately to be that person who doesn’t analyse a menu before I go out but I just love to know what’s coming. I can’t be the only person who does that, right? Also, I want to be that person who takes a bit more of a risk with my menu choices as I always go for something I’m sure I’ll like – and we all know that when you eat out you should go for something you wouldn’t usually cook yourself. Which in fairness opens it up to anything that’s not chicken, vegetables or pasta when it comes to me.

I was invited to try out the new summer menu at The New Conservatory in Leeds recently and I was really keen to attend as The New Conservatory is already one of my favourite places to eat. I’ve been there a few times for both food and drinks as it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. When my friends and family include gluten free folk, veggies and generally picky eaters, it says a lot that I’ve taken them all to one place at one point or another and had zero complaints. Also, their happy hour is great – 2 drinks for £5 and that’s in central Leeds so pretty much an unheard of deal. I headed down for a little dinner date with Danielle.

For starters, we tried the crab cake, tempura halloumi and slow cooked belly pork. I absolutely loved the crab cake, even though it’s only the second time I’ve had crab. It was particularly meaty and served with spinach and white wine sauce. The belly pork was also delicious and a fave of mine as I just love it anyway and it wasn’t at all fatty as belly pork can be.

The mains we tried were also a mix of dishes that I’d never normally go for. We tried the fillet steak skewer, rack of lamb, pan fried cod and goats cheese and red pepper risotto. All of the dishes were very flavoursome, especially the steak skewer which was cooked perfectly. Though I usually don’t go for the veggie option when I go out (sorry, I’m THAT person who feels the need to have meat at every opportunity), I’d definitely have the risotto again. I’ve had the chicken and chorizo risotto in The New Conservatory before too and I can vouch for that also being delicious.

The desserts were a winner with me as I’m 100% team dessert over starter (as well as being team 3 courses as why the hell not). We had little portions of vanilla cheesecake, chocolate and amaretto mousse and the salted caramel sundae. I absolutely loved the salted caramel sundae which was deliciously rich but as it was cream and icecream rather than a cake-y dessert, it wasn’t too heavy.

I’d 100% recommend that you all get yourselves to The New Conservatory for dinner sometime soon and try out their summer menu. It’s reasonably priced, has something for everyone so really, you have no excuse. Who wants to go out for dinner with me? Let me know in the comments.

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