Pieminister – Leeds

Pieminister Leeds

I like food. This seems to be a pretty re-occurring theme on my blog right now, but hey, we all have to eat, right?

I’ve been keen on trying Pieminister in Leeds pretty much since it opened but I only got round to it last week after spotting an offer on Groupon. Most of the time when I’m really fancying it is when I’ve just left the gym which is over the road. That’s bad isn’t it?* I hadn’t intended to blog it, so please excuse my singular phone photo of my food, but I thought it deserved a quick post.

*On the off chance my PT, Dom, is reading this, I pinky promise I have never gone for pie after a gym session.

Fuelled by a couple of cocktails in Revolucion De Cuba (it would be rude to not stop for a drink en route, wouldn’t it?), Marc and I rocked up to Pieminister, voucher in hand for some carby goodness. The deal we got ended up being about £14 for two pies with mash and peas plus a drink each. We both went for their draft cider which took me all of about 30 second to spill half of over the table. I’m so smooth sometimes.

I chose the Deerstalker pie which is venison (or Bambi as my sister likes to refer to it) and Marc went for Chilli Con Carnage which is apparently quite spicy. Their puns are on point throughout both the menu and the decor which really made me happy. It's the little things.

My pie was absolutely delicious and I thought the portion sizes were pretty hefty. The pie was sat on top of a mound of creamy mash, filled with loads of meat and then had peas piled on the top. Double carbs is always the dream and yet a challenge at the same time. This is pretty much the best type of first world problem, don’t you agree?

We were both definitely too full for dessert (yet went on to drink more cocktails as Thursdays are getting wild), but I’ve heard amazing things about their dessert pies and I definitely want to go back to try one.

Pieminister for me was that warm, comforting feeling of eating something delicious and I think could be best served for hangover lunches. You know that feeling?

Have you been to Pieminister before? Do you fancy it? Let me know in the comments.

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