Introducing the ‘Adult and Blackberry Crumble’

Who knew I was such a cocktail connoisseur?! Well, I’m great at drinking them (as you *may* have noticed), but at the Leeds Loves Cocktails launch event, which you can read about here, Ellie and I created this little dreamboat of a cocktail, under the guidance of Niall from The Hedonist Project.

As our cocktail won the competition on the night and will be being served in Oporto, Leeds, during the Leeds Loves Cocktails festival (beyond excited about this), I thought I’d share the recipe for this little gem.

The ‘Adult and Blackberry Crumble’ is based on Woodford Reserve, a 43.2% Bourbon. We decided that as there are citrusy flavours within it, yet undertones of berries coming through from the wood in which it was barrelled, to make a grown-up variation of this nostalgic dessert.

Here’s the recipe for one serving:

40ml Woodford Reserve
20ml Creme de Cassis
20ml Lemon Bitters
3-4 Whole Blackberries
3 thin slices of apple
1 egg


Place the Woodford Reserve, Creme de Cassis, lemon bitters, blackberries, apple and the full egg (yes, this includes the yolk) in a glass. Add one ice cube and shake it up. After this shake up, add a more ice and shake it up again. Once shaken a second time, strain through a sieve, serving over ice.

You might be doubting me about the egg situation as I know some people are weird about it (myself included), but trust me on this. It’s worth it.

What do you think of my cocktail creation? Will you be giving it a go? 

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  1. I want to give it a go, need to make my way to Oporto! When will it be served there?