An open letter to the man who fat-shamed me

Mercure Atlantic Hotel Liverpool

Dear Mr Hotel Receptionist,

I was staying in your hotel over the weekend for the Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon weekend. I arrived on Friday night, ready to check in, as I was taking part in the 5k warm-up race on Saturday with my sister and then resuming my duties as chief bag holder on Sunday whilst she ran the half marathon.

Whilst I was with my sister and checking in with one of your staff members, my sister pointed out some marathon route maps and asked me to grab one. It was at this point that you piped up ‘Those maps are for marathon runners only’. At the time, it washed over me a bit, as I picked up a couple of maps anyway. It was only later that I realised what you meant.

You assumed that I couldn’t possibly be a marathon runner. Having never spoken to me before, it is clear that you based this judgement on my size, as a size 16 woman. How rude.

Admittedly, I’m not a marathon runner, but my sister who was stood next to me? She is. She has the medal to prove it. In fact, she has more medals than I have lipsticks from the amount of races she’s done, ranging from 5k fun runs to her first full marathon only 6 weeks ago. Me? I’ll just stick to the 5k that I did the following morning (and I also have the medal to prove it, it glows in the dark and everything).

What you should know is that running isn’t just for those of a slim build. Anyone can run, that’s why the NHS champion programmes such as Couch to 5k. Don’t assume that just because someone is a little larger than your average athlete that they won’t be taking part.

I hope that you enjoyed your busy weekend, with your hotel full of marathoners (of all shapes and sizes) who essentially pay your wages with their room bookings. I won’t be back to stay next year – but I do already have my 5k run booked.

Yours, not all that sincerely as I think you’re a bit of a dickhead,


PS – Why would marathon runners need to know the route? They have roads closed off for them to follow. It’s the supporters who need to know where to go to cheer them on. Idiot.


  1. Girl, you are amazing and fabulous, not that you need me to remind you. People are always going to be judgemental, but the more we shut them down with pieces like this, the less there will be!

    Love ya, Lucinda xx