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Over the early May bank holiday I headed over to the wrong side of the Pennines to Manchester to spend the day with my sister and as it was a pretty fun day out, I thought I'd share it with you lovely lot.

As I headed over on the day by train I quickly realised that it was a United game happening later on as the carriage was full of 'lads'. We're talking about the type of guys who were so drunk at 12:30pm that they were cheering their friend for going to the toilet. There was a full scale round of applause every time one of them made it back in one piece. Who knew that was such an expedition? 

Once I arrived, I met my hungover mess of a sister and we headed to a make up masterclass with Amie Atelier for a three hour session on contouring. Charl booked this for me for my birthday last month and if must admit I was a tad daunted as contouring is way out of the realms of my make up bag. Luckily, Amie took us through everything step by step on her model and I left looking like there was a hint of cheekbone in my otherwise fairly round face. Whilst contouring palettes and remembering where the magics lines are (yes they exist) is all still a tad out of my remit for day to day, the fundamentals on skin prep, application and highlighting the 'high points' of my face are definitely things I've taken away. 

If you are interested in make up then I'd definitely recommend booking a class like this as it's so much easier to learn from an MUA who is demonstrating in front of you than trying to watch it on YouTube. Whilst a lot of beauty bloggers are incredibly clued up on make up, having someone who's worked with dermatologists and the like giving you the science behind makeup application gives the lesson a lot of depth.

After the class, we headed to Cabana for dinner after it was recommended by one of Charl's friends. Needless to say, it was a hit with both of us! We started with a bowl of guacamole to share which is served with corn chips. Fresh guacamole is one of my favourite things to eat and as I don't have it that often, it was a treat. It's definitely a meat heavy menu which is the dream for us and we both went for chicken skewers with sides that we shared between us. The chicken was a mix of white and dark meat which I enjoyed immensely, especially as it was smothered in a sweet BBQ sauce. Charl went for a spicier variation which she absolutely loved. Between us we shared rice, sweet potato fries and grilled courgette as our sides. I'll definitely be heading back to Cabana as the food is pretty incredible and for just under £50 for a sharing starter, 2 mains, 3 sides and 4 cocktails, I thought that was pretty reasonable!

It was a slow walk back to the station for me, taking my food baby with me (I ate SO much), and I hopped on the train back to Leeds, thankfully without any football fans to accompany me. 

So, have you been to Manchester recently? Do you fancy a make up class? Let me know in the comments.

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