10 things which were only acceptable at university

10 things which were only acceptable at university

We all know that being a student is like being in a little bubble away from the real world. Despite at the time trying to argue my case that yes, I am an adult, and no, I should not be treated as anything otherwise, looking back... it was like being a kid playing at being half a grown up. Here’s what’s only really acceptable when you’re at university.

1. Wearing you PJs out the house. A lot of people may do the odd dash to Tesco in their jammies, but the day I ended up in Pets at Home with my flatmates? Not a high point.

2. Wearing your PJs in front of strangers. Going to someone else’s flat in your PJs, regardless of whether you knew their flatmates or even them that very well seemed to be the done thing. Likewise, lounging around communal areas like the reception of your halls of residence.

3. Petty theft. I mean, why would you take a traffic cone back to your flat after a night out now? It might mark the carpet. But when you’re at university? You need that cone. That cone needs you. It will have a better life in student halls than it ever would on a road, guarding a pothole.

4. Sitting up in a corridor of your halls till 2am. Just because, right?

5. Being a psycho. Thankfully not many fall into this category but being away from home and without parental consequences means some people go a little bit loopy. The time my first year flatmate cut up photos of the guys who lived in the flat above us and posted them through their letterbox at 3am was a moment to cherish.

6. Pulling regular all-nighters, fuelled by Monster. Yeah, that stops being a thing after university as in the real world it turns out there tends to be massive consequences to leaving it all that last minute. Who knew?

7. Taking execessive amounts of food into the library. Can you even imagine doing that in a normal library? The librarians would definitely call the cop on you for that shit.

8. Creating havoc in someone else’s flat. You’d like to think as a grown up you wouldn’t walk through a residential building banging on the doors of strangers. Nor would you go round to a friend of a friend of a friends, most likely spill a drink, break a glass, play ring of fire and all the rest.

9. Doing the fancy dress walk of shame. Can you even imagine if you bumped into someone from work? I mean, really.

10. Taking a tenner on a night out. That might get you a diet coke and a taxi halfway home in Leeds on a Saturday.

What else did you do at uni that you’d never do now? Let me know in the comments!

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