Work nights out

Work night out Leeds

Everyone loves a work do and as I spent Good Friday feeling a little sorry for myself, the morning after one too many the night before, I thought I’d put a post together with everything that happens on a work night out.

1. Drinks start early. Is this a PR industry thing? 4:30pm rolls around and whatever prosecco was on offer in Tesco starts flowing.

2. That feeling of ‘I really wish I’d lined my stomach with more than a mid-afternoon Kitkat’ kicks in after the second glass.

3. The plan of action is decided on by where is the closest bar with the best drinks off. FYI in Leeds for us it’s Revolucion de Cuba, which everyone will know by now is my fave place ever.

4. Make-up is done at desks whilst laptops are installing 3 million updates. It’s then when you find out who’s weird about sharing their make-up and who isn’t. (I’m team sharing is caring providing you don’t have a history of conjunctivitis).

5. The troops are rallied, everyone piles out and you start to question whether you’re dressed up enough, should going out end up in being ‘out’ out. Usually no but several bottles of Sauvignon Blanc in and nobody cares that you’re still wearing Converse anyway.

6. The great debate happens the moment you get into the bar of rounds vs a tab. Tab always wins. Also, on a Friday night? You feel like you’ve hit that jackpot when you realise you can get table service as nobody wants to carry that many drinks back  from the bar.

7. You begin to see who’s got the will-power to actually stay for one and who says they will and are still there three drinks later with no sign of going home.

8. Someone decides to order food and it’s the greatest decision in the world.

9. There’s always one person who’s taken their laptop out with them and leaves it lying around before the one person (likely someone who’s driving) spots it and rescues it.

10. The work chat begins to fizzle out after the first few rounds and quickly switches to gossip.

11. A few more rounds in and things get deep and a bit more personal. You end up learning things that you may not necessarily remember the next day about someone you don’t speak to all that often in the office.

12. One person tries to make things inappropriate and attempts to start a game of ‘have you ever never’ which is possibly the worst game to play with colleagues. Especially when someone drinks to having had sex at work. TMI.

13. Other people appear from nowhere and whether it’s a plus one or someone from an entirely different department, these people become honorary team members for the evening.

14. Someone decides to get a round of shots and it’s an even greater idea than the food.

15. Whether the night out location is dance-appropriate or not, someone drags everyone up to circle the table and jig about a bit.

16. You begin to realise that you’re actually pretty pissed and it’s still fairly early as you started drinking at 4:30pm.

17. Phones come out and Facebook adding/Instagram following happens.

18. Someone cries. Whether it’s about a relationship, work or simply because they’re so grateful to have fantastic colleagues, there’s always one who gets emosh.

19. When it’s time to leave, you quickly realise that you all live in different locations and need separate Ubers. Nightmare.

20. You get home before midnight as everyone peaked at about 10pm and despite the extra few hours in bed, you still wake up with a massive hangover. A hangover which is even worse if you went out on a school night.

Who can relate?

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