Let’s talk about cheating

Natasha Argent cheating London Marathon 2016
This image does not belong to me. That medal also no longer belongs to her.

So it turns out that Natasha Argent cheated in the London Marathon this year.

When you run a marathon, you have a ‘chip’ which goes around your laces and registers every time you run over mats at certain points. The mats have sensors and it means from start to finish and along the route, you can track roughly where you are and your pace.

Natasha Argent’s chip showed that she ran over mats from the start line to mile 13 (taking just over 2 hours, which is a decent pace), but then was ‘missing’ until mile 23. For 10 miles, she didn’t run over any mats. Also, after reaching mile 13 at just over 2 hours, it only took 48 minutes for her to reach the finish line. Running 13 miles in 48 minutes? Well that’s faster than Mo Farah.

Natasha Argent cheated in the London Marathon and has now been asked to return her medal.

Usually, celebrity news just passes me by, but this really wound me up. She took a place in the London Marathon and raised money for charity only to cheat. It makes me sad that her place could have gone to one of the thousands of people who missed out on a place, who desperately want to run it. And actually run the full thing, not jump out at mile 13 then go back in to run the last 3 miles.

What kind of person will take a medal for that kind of false achievement and brag about it? What shade of stupid do you have to be to not realise that you’d get caught out?

It really makes me sad for Natasha Argent as you have to be in a pretty shit place to be acting like that. More so, I pity her family who must be mortified and her brother who actually put the work in and ran the marathon back in 2012. I hope Natasha Argent is ashamed of what she’s done, rather than just embarrassed that she got caught out whilst in the public eye.

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