DGJ Organics Review

DGJ organics Review

When it comes to how I take care of my hair, I’d definitely say I’m low maintenance. With naturally fairly frizzy hair and an unwillingness to get up early enough to straighten it daily, my hair does get a bit neglected. Though that means when I make an effort, people tend to notice, so every cloud, right?

I was sent a few products by DGJ Organics to try I was definitely up for it. As ever, I only write about products which I’d recommend and purchase myself and this is the case with this brand. I hadn’t actually heard of DGJ Organics before but they’re stocked in Waitrose which is a big tick from me as I’m all about products which are available in supermarkets (can you see a theme of being lazy with my hair care developing here?). Admittedly, I’m not a regular Waitrose shopper, but it’s the kind of place I know a lot of people will go into, usually the week after payday, because they’re in need of something delicious, so if you are around, I’d recommend checking out the beauty aisle.

I tried out the shampoo, conditioner and argon oil by the brand and I must admit I’m impressed. At £5.99 each for the shampoo and conditioner and £7.99 for the argon oil, it’s pretty much in the middle price-wise of regular haircare and salon/premium haircare.

As a range, they’re all something I’d buy again but not all for daily use. Whilst my hair can get dry at the ends, I’m prone to greasy roots when I use super-moisturising products, so I’d be more inclined to use the shampoo and conditioner maybe one in every 3 washes. If you have particularly dry hair, I would definitely recommend trying these out as they really do add moisture, but for me, I’d use them more to feel like a treatment rather than my every-wash go to products. The argon oil it pretty damn dreamy and is perfect for taming frizz through the lengths of the hair – definitely one for more regular use for me. It’s the kind of product I’ve really needed for a while as my appalling blow drying skills mean I tend to rough-dry and straighten and honestly, it ends with me looking like I have a lion’s mane. Using an oil before I dry my hair does reduce the look of ‘shit I’ve just been electrocuted’, so out of the three, it’s a winner for me. It’s great for dry ends as well, especially if you’re due a cut.

I’m also really getting into the organic beauty thing now as it’s nice to know there are no nasties in these products. It’s a shame my interest in all things organic hasn’t quite spread as far as my diet coke addiction, but hey, it’s a step forward! If you’ve tried any budget beauty recently, please let me know! Any products I can slip into my weekly online shop are definitely down with me – there’s nothing better than finding a treat amongst your eggs and milk.

Tell me all about the products you love at the moment – anything for frizz, I need to hear about. Also, if you have tips on how lazy people should dry their hair, that’s also more than welcome.

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