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I don’t think I’ve ever written a post like this before but I feel like I need to do a bit of a shout out to the bloggers and vloggers I follow pretty damn religiously. Some are friends, some simply feel like my best friend because I’ve stalked them one hell of a lot. It’s a mixed bag. But these are the blogs I go back to every time. Whilst I dip in and out of other blogs and spend an awful lot of time stalking people on Instagram (would a ‘who I stalk on Instagram’ post be of interest to you all? Tell me in the comments), these are the blogs I’ve subscribed to or have posts I simply adore and would definitely recommend you reading.

If you haven’t read Hannah’s blog before then please remove yourself from under your little rocky hideaway where you’ve been living and grab a tea. I’ve been following Hannah since before the times her posts went viral (the original blog-reading hipster over here), and she’s quite simply everything you want a blogger to be. You get the shit hot photography, regular posts, a good mix of topics, clothes you can actually afford and total honesty.

Lauren’s blog I discovered when Hannah Gale linked up to it and I’ve been a subscriber ever since. I enjoy lifestyle blogs more than anything else as I want to read opinions on things that interest me and again, it’s the honesty and how real the writing is that adds to the likeability.

Forever Miss Vanity
Jess is my blogging wife so I stalk her on a regular basis. (She knows it, it’s cool). I think knowing how much work goes into her blog and knowing her as a person makes me enjoy reading it more – there’s a lot of escapism in there with her travel posts and it makes her my go-to person when I want to go to somewhere new.

Lucinda is the only fashion blogger I tend to follow religiously. Again, a blogger to real life friend who I share a mutual love of Harry Potter and sassy hair flicks with, her posts always feel empowering to me. I feel like Lucinda’s confidence is infectious, but again, a blogger who puts up the occasional personal post that makes you see beyond the outfits and shows you the person as well. She has that balance pretty much nailed.

Kellie is another blogger to real life friend and she keeps shit real. She’s that blogger who says exactly what you’re thinking rather than the unedited version, usually with a few more creative expletives. I’ve been following Kellie’s blog for several years now and she has a raw honesty that you don’t get on most blogs.

I have zero shame in admitting that despite being about 10 years older than their target audience, I’m a keen subscriber to their vlogs. I just find them so easy watching and now feel like we’re pretty much BFFs and I should relocate to Brighton to hang out with them. Too far? Probably. As much as everyone gets on the case of vloggers earning too much and whatever, I just see people who got into the right thing at the right time, developed a knack for it and worked bloody hard to get to where they are now. And where they are now is entertaining me by filming themselves walking their pug and ordering Wagamamas takeout several times a week. Who knew?

So, they’re the bloggers you should all definitely go check out as I love them all and think they’re fabulous. Off you go!

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