Bae-watch: Why blogger friends are the best

Oh I do love a good list post! I feel like I’ve needed to write about how great bloggers are for a while as let’s face it, there’s a bit of negativity floating around at the moment with penalties, disclosure and whatever. I’m lucky to have a fantastic network of friends who are also bloggers and I think it’s time to shout about what sets those types of friendships apart.

1. When you meet up, it tends to be to do something fun. Let’s face it, when the foundation of the friendship is formed by a mutual love of posting your musings online, usually, meeting up will involve blogger events and they’re always a laugh.

2. You already feel like you know each other. After some mutual Instagram stalking and blog reading over probably a fair while, when you do eventually meet bloggers in the flesh, you know their opinions, their boyfriend’s name and what lipstick they’re wearing. It’s basically socially acceptable stalking.

3. You get the real life version. Twitter chats are the dream but it’s never going to be the same as sitting down with a bottle of wine, is it?

4. It’s taking an online friendship offline and suddenly it becomes ‘real’ to other people who just don’t get how you can feel like someone is your bestie via Twitter.

5. Being around people who ‘get’ blogging is the dream as we all know that when you start discussing DA dramas, blogger penalties and Moz to anyone outside of the digital world, you see their eyes glaze over.

6. It’s an opportunity to take outfit photos as every blogger will do their best to get your best angle and fully appreciates why you want to stand in the middle of the road and expect them to risk their lives for the perfect outfit shot. As you’d do the same for them.

7. Everyone knows each other. Again, whether you have or haven’t met every single person in the flesh, it doesn’t take long to get clued up on who’s doing what.

8. The food thing. I have friends who openly mock me for photographing my food, but when bloggers meet up for dinner (yes, shocker, we do actually pay for things like that ourselves when we get together), we don’t mind waiting until everyone has the perfect photo before tucking in.

9. Likewise, they’re not embarrassed when you ask the bar staff which cocktails will photograph the best.

10. There’s a mutual appreciation of blogger difficulties. Whilst a lot of people seem to think blogging is a bit of an easy route to getting a free meal, other bloggers understand the time and effort that goes into maintaining a blog.

11. They’re a support network like no other. Since uprooting my life down the A64 from York to Leeds over 18 months ago, I feel like I’m part of a community that’s surprisingly difficult to find as an adult. Blogging for me has been the gateway to friendships outside of work in a whole new city where I knew about three people when I got here.

12. Bloggers are empowering. Whilst some blogs inspire your wardrobe choices or beauty buys, others make you think about the bigger picture and actually want to make a difference. For me, they’re the people who’ll give me a nudge to do what makes me happy and not just live my life and fear change.

These are the reasons why I love my blogger friends. I love all my friends (obvs), but in an online world, having the people who truly understand what I’m passionate about makes a world of difference.

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