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As I write this, it’s half past seven on a Sunday evening, I have a towel on my head and I feel like it’s the first time this week I’ve actually had time to sit down and breath. I wrote recently about how I’m the type of person who craves ‘me-time’ and right now, after a packed weekend, I’m definitely in need of it! I’ve been celebrating my birthday pretty much all week (just in case anyone was doubting my need to be the centre of attention, always), but it’s also been so damn hectic, I feel like my life is a jumble. Here are my top tips of things to do when you feel like you’re in need of some headspace.

  1. Read. Whether it’s a book, a magazine, a blog or a newspaper, just letting yourself get absorbed into someone else’s story for a while can seriously help you unwind and takes the edge of that feeling of being a little edgy. I wrote here about the blogs I love so take a nosey at them when you have 5mins.

2. Catch up on social media. Everyone else seems to be very much team ‘put your phone down’ but I find seeing what my friends are up to, getting some Insta-spiration (is that a word? Can we make it one?), or just mindlessly pinning on Pinterest is actually really relaxing. This tends to work better if you’ve unfollowed irritating/negative people on Facebook and when you have private boards on Pinterest. Just y’know, in case you fancy a spot of wedding planning/dream house decorating.

3. Watch your comfort films. We all have them, the ones you go back to every time you spend a Sunday night in, usually in a post-roast slumber. Mine include Jurassic World (shocker) and Bend it like Beckham. Football with a side order of dinosaurs, what more could you want?

4. Colour in. This is surprisingly therapeutic as whilst a lot of colouring books call themselves ‘mindful’, I’d say it’s more ‘mindless’ and a great way of switching off. This is something you can do on the cheap as well as there are places like The Book People who have them at half the price you’d pay on the highstreet – let’s face it, nobody wants to pay over a tenner for a colouring book.

5. Pamper yourself. Actually use the fancy giftsets you got for Christmas instead of putting them in the ‘presents to recycle’ drawer for a full evening of delightful relaxation. I’m talking tealights in the bathroom, using a body scrub, whacking on a hair mask and doing that thing that we all think gross but actually works a treat, slathering your feet in body butter before bed and sleeping in socks.

6. Take control of the shit that’s worrying you. Doing practical things to address your worries actually makes them a lot better. If you’re worried about money, plan a budget even if it’s only for three days. If you’re feeling unhealthy, a quick fix like a healthy tea will make you feel better. No, you’re not creating long term solutions, but you’re putting yourself in a better state of mind to tackle your problems head on.

7. Tidy up stuff. Whether it’s sorting your old clothes out or simply making your chaos into marginally more organised chaos than it was before, a clear space is better for a clearer mind. I say this whilst sat in a flat that I’ve barely spent and time in and has been a dumping ground for general ‘stuff’ as I go from place to place.

8. Go for a walk. If anything, if you have a Fitbit, it means you can invite someone you know into a daily challenge knowing you’ll feel smug when you win. #SorryNotSorry.

9. Spread the love. Donate to someone’s Just Giving page, tell someone they look hot in their new profile picture or use your loyalty card points to buy someone who’s homeless some food. It’s nice to be nice, right?

So, that’s the ways I try and get some headspace, chill out, switch off, make myself feel better and the like. The last few months for me, I feel haven’t been a massive emotional high by any means but now I’m actively looking for ways to feel better, whether it’s because I’ve had some me-time or simply done something nice for someone, it’s almost like I’m picking myself back up again.

How do you relax or make yourself feel better or more in control of your life? Let me know in the comments or leave a link to posts you’ve written about this kind of thing, I’d love to give them a read!

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  1. I love these tips! I have to say I sometimes do like to put my phone down, but truth be told I quite like flicking between twitter / instagram every five seconds!
    Bee |