All Bar One – Leeds Relaunch

All Bar One Leeds Millennium Square

As you may have noticed as I plastered it all over my social channels last week, I celebrated my 24th birthday recently and on the night itself, I spent it at the relaunch of All Bar One on Millennium Square in Leeds. The bar has recently had a refit and they invited me and a fair few other bloggers down for the evening for a few drinks.

The night itself felt more like an evening out than an actual ‘event’ as such, but in all honesty, that was really great for use. I was there with my friend Georgia from work, her flatmate Gaby and their friend Katie, so it was just a really chilled evening of drinks and PR chat.

Part of the evening was also dedicated to making our own cocktails which was really fun – the poor guy teaching us must have felt like a primary school teacher as we were pretty giddy. I’m a massive fan of vodka cocktails and we made a drink similar to a cosmo – Absolut Citron, lemon sours, pomegranate puree and cranberry juice. It was a twist on a classic which I loved and something I’d definitely order again. We tried a fair few of their canapés too and from sampling those, it makes me keen to go back and order from their regular menu.

Though it felt like I should have made birthday-specific plans on the night, spending it meeting new people and just chatting with people who ‘get’ my job really makes a nice difference. The bar itself is very much in the financial district of Leeds so as you’d imagine, after work attracts a lot of young professionals – if my office was up at that end of town I’d definitely be there more regularly.

We had a really lovely evening at All Bar One and you can tell these kind of launches work as I’ve already been back! I’d definitely recommend a trip if you’re looking for somewhere that’s pretty chilled out for an after work drink as it’s not too pricey but with their refit feels quite upmarket.

Have you been to All Bar One in Leeds? Would you like to go? (I volunteer to come with you).

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