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Wolf Street Food Leeds

You know those little places that you brag about to your friends and feel the need to Instagram all over? I’ve found another one.

I was invited down to try WOLF Street Food in Leeds and it really is one of those ‘OMG you need to try it’ places. There are only three in the country, with the Leeds branch being their newest, having opened back in September and it’s a hidden gem. Well, I say hidden, I’m pretty sure every office in the vicinity of it knows it as apparently they’re queuing out the door on some lunchtimes. But as my office is down on Clarence Dock, this city centre eatery is a little off my radar. I can only apologise for my lack of photos, they really don't do the place justice!

They serve beautifully fresh produce and I chatted to one of the managers who comes in at 6am every day to prep the meat and veg for the day. He actually took me out the back to show me where everything was prepared and they marinate their meat for 12 hours. I must admit, I was really surprised at how high quality everything is when it’s so reasonably priced – you’d get a decent sized lunch for about £6. All of their salad are fresh too, unlike a lot of places who buy in veg frozen.

As a WeightWatchers member, it’s reassuring to know that a 2kg tray of peppers only has one tablespoon of oil in it with the seasoning, meaning whilst it has all the flavour, it’s not soaked in a load of high fat dressing. But then, when everything is that fresh, it’s all about the natural flavours anyway. Their salads are actually salads too, not the type where it’s full of carbs! They also do wraps, pasta and pizzas at lunchtime too, so it’s the kind of place where you could grab anything you fancied, without breaking the bank. I’m really keen on knowing what’s in my food so being reassured that there are none of the added nasties that you’d get in a supermarket meal deal makes all the difference to me.

I popped by on a morning for breakfast and picked up a sausage sandwich which was absolutely delicious and also absolutely massive. If you’re based in town, we’re talking ideal hangover food before work. Just sayin’. They do loads of different types of breakfast sandwiches as well as fresh juices, coffee and yoghurts so it’s great if you’re running late.

I couldn’t recommend WOLF Street Food any more, it’s definitely one to shout about. They open 7am – 3pm, Monday – Friday in Leeds so they’re very much catering for the office market, though if you work in Leeds, I really would pop by. It’s the kind of place where you can feel like you’ve had a real treat for lunch when you’ve had a shit morning but you don’t have to break your health kick.

To give you an idea of location, they’re less than 5 minutes from the Tesco Express that’s round the back of Trinity. (Google it, you’ll see what I mean).

Have you been to WOLF Street Food before? Will you be going? Would you like to take me with you?

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  1. I want to go here but they're too far away from my work and not open in the evening :( x