The day I broke a world record.

Gin World Record The Botanist Leeds

Yes, I, Lizi Legge, was part of a successful world record attempt. I will be registered in the Guinness Book of Records and I am 100% adding this to both my CV and online dating profile.

Not surprisingly, this record involved alcohol. Standard.

The world record in question was the largest gin tasting across multiple venues and it was held in The Botanist bars across the country. In Leeds, it was a pretty large turn out and I met up with the lovely Lorna, Jenna and Carrieanne for the evening.

I must admit, writing this a fair while afterwards and after being fairly pissed by the end of it, I can’t actually remember much of the history of gin or which gins we drank. My bad. All I know is that the first one we tasted was 49.5% and I was drinking on an empty stomach.

Getting drunk the classy way on a school night.

I always knew I liked gin (great start), but now I can actually distinguish between different type and know which flavours I prefer. Gin has definitely taken off in the last year or two and I know of a few places which specialise in gin now, which shows that there’s one hell of a lot more variations than what you’d pick up in a supermarket.

I must admit, gin isn’t my drink of choice as I’ve always been a vodka drinker (I believe I get this from my mother), but flavoured gin? That’s pretty dreamy. Anything raspberry or elderflower flavoured, send my way.

So, have you ever broken a world record? Or do you just like drinking gin?

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