Summer skin is made in winter

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We all know it’s true. There is quite simply nothing worse than those first few rays of sun that scream ‘get yourself to a beer garden’ and that daunting realisation that as your skin has been under wraps since around September, that it’s not in the tip top condition that appears in every advert. Damn.

Well, I’m a big believer in now being the best time to up your skincare regime as it’s cool enough to  be able to walk around your flat letting your moisturiser sink in without feeling like a sticky mess (we all know that summer feeling), and there’s still heaps of time before sandal season. Possibly the grossest/most satisfying thing to do is slathering your feet in moisturiser, putting socks on and wearing them overnight. It’s one of those things that men will be all ‘THAT IS DISGUSTING’ and women are like... yep, it’s the only way to lock in the moisture and not have scaly feet. True story.

But anyway, moving on from that slightly sweaty insight into my skincare secrets, I’m definitely in need of spending more time looking after my skin. I’ve recently upped my haircare routine by introducing a hair growth mask and stopping tying it up when it’s wet (yes, I know, that was wrong of me), so I think it’s time for skincare changes too.

I was sent a couple of products by Holland and Barrett to try as they’ve recently re-opened their York branch as ‘Holland and Barrett More’ which is very exciting as it means they now stock more beauty products. I can’t wait to pop in when I’m next home as the Leeds store isn’t as extensive – and I only seem to go in when they have those calorie-free noodles that were on Dragon’s Den on offer. At the York store they have exciting stuff like making your own body polish which I’m going to be all over as I love trying new scrubs. This is a shot from the new store - it looks so lovely!

This image is courtesy of the lovely Kirsten from The Beauty Kitchen 

One of the products I was sent was actually the Body Polish by the ‘The Beauty Kitchen’ and it was the ‘Inspire Me’ range which is very citrusy and one of the strongest scent is my absolute fave, lemongrass. My first impressions were great as it comes in a jar, which always makes it feel a bit more luxurious and I realised straight away that it’s a salt scrub. As someone with relatively dry skin that can get rough on my arms and legs, this is right up my street as I’ve always had the best results with salt scrubs as opposed to other less scrubby scrubs I’ve tried in the past (I’m sure you know what I mean). I realised quickly that this is the kind of product you’d maybe use once a week and if you have sensitive skin, you might find it a bit harsh. I personally absolutely loved it as it’s pretty ideal for my skin type. It left me feeling like I’d really exfoliated my skin and especially on my legs, like I’d increased blood flow to the surface (something which I’ve found to actively improve cellulite and the general appearance of the skin). This scrub is definitely a winner for me and I’d definitely pay £14.99 for it – especially as Holland and Barrett regularly have offers on too.

The other product I tried is the body oil from the same range. I’ve never really used oils as moisturisers before and I must admit, I think I could be converted. I used this oil directly after my shower where I’d used the scrub and I think for this purpose, it wasn’t the intense moisturising effect I need, just as my skin is fairly dry and I’m used to piling on thick body butters after I exfoliate. However, I have used it since after a regular shower and I’m definitely a fan. It smells incredible, leaves me smelling incredible, and it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. This body oil is the sort of product you could get away with using daily, without leaving your skin feeling clogged up.

I’m definitely a fan of these two products so I’m keen to try some of the others in the range, especially in the lead up to summer. I’m determined to keep my skin in tip top condition this year as having beautiful clear skin is a pretty big goal for me! Even if I do stay the same shade of milky white no matter how much time I spend in the sun (with factor 30 on as sun safety is sexy don’t you know?).

I should also mention that The Beauty Kitchen products are organic, UK made and tested on people, not animals, which I know are massive selling points to a lot of people. For organic products, I feel like their range is at a very reasonable price point and for the quality of the products and their packaging, I’d expect to pay a bit more for them.

What are your skin care secrets? If you’ve got any recommendations or if like me you’ve tried some beauty products from Holland and Barrett, please let me know in the comments!

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