Introducing: Treatwell

Treatwell Discount Code RMUK Leeds

I’ll start this off by saying that there’s a £10 off discount code at the bottom of this post so it’s worth reading.

As most of you already know, I’m all in favour of getting deals on stuff and despite being three years on from graduation, I still have that student mentality of ‘do I really have to pay full price?’. Whether you call it stingy or savvy (and in the case of 241 cocktails, I’d definitely be voting savvy), it’s always nice to know that you’re getting the best price you can.

I was invited to a press night for Treatwell quite recently and I wanted to share their service with you as it’s one I use personally and would highly recommend. A lot of people may know the company by their former name of Wahanda and they’re a booking service for all things hair and beauty. As a company, they are massive, and work across 10 countries. Leeds is one of their biggest cities with over 350 salons registered, including RMUK where they held their press event. This is great for people like me who don’t have that hairdresser-client relationship as I have to go purely off recommendations and reviews.

This is honestly one of the easiest services I’ve ever used – I last used it before Christmas when I got a last minute invite to a ball (LOL it’s a hard life) and needed to get booked in for a wash, cut and blow dry. I booked it at lunchtime and turned up just after work. It’s great that you can see who has appointments available on specific days, and, ahem, in a few hours time if necessary. I think it was actually my sister who got me using Treatwell way back when it was Wahanda when I first moved to Leeds as she’d found it online and used it in Manchester.

I was so excited to be invited to their press event as it’s always great to have an opportunity to network, catch up with other bloggers and to be able to share a service I already use but may not have thought to blog about. On the night, they had the prosecco flowing, canap├ęs circling and were offering mini treatments. I had my first ever massage which I absolutely loved – it says a lot as I can be regularly quoted as saying ‘I just don’t like being touched’. I also got my hair put up into a massive messy but which I loved.

We* did a bit of celeb spotting as a few of the Emmerdale cast were there and had the opportunity to speak to Treatwell’s CEO. It’s great to hear the thought process behind the rebrand as when they expanded and bought out other companies, Treatwell was one of the existing names that happened to translate best into all languages.

*I didn’t know who they were but I was reliably informed by other people that they’re definitely on prime-time ITV.

I’m already booked in (via Treatwell, obvs) with RMUK to get my hair done next weekend as I’ve been reliably informed by Jenna from Hepcat Blogs that they’re the only salon worth going to in Leeds. This is your pre-warning for the amount of hair-swishing selfies I’ll be posting next Saturday afternoon.

If you download the Treatwell App, you can use the discount code APPLS to get £10 off your first booking through the app – this works if you have an existing account with them too, so that’s a nice little treat! Also, if you’re stuck in a relationship with your hairdresser that you don’t want to be, this could be your opportunity to say ‘oh, I have this discount for somewhere else so I’m going there, but I PROMISE I’ll book in with you after’ and then break up with them. Is that a really cowardly way out? Oh well. Use the discount, share the love, tell your mum, as everyone deserves a treat.


  1. This sounds like a fab brand and app! So handy for last minute needed appointments. :) I always think last minute that I should of booked somewhere/in to have my hair done, as I always just wear it the same to things..
    You hair looks lovely in that messy bun! :)


    1. I've been a fan since before their rebrand but will definitely use their app in future - it's so easy. Definitely download it and use the discount code, it's so good! xxx