International Women's Day

International Women's Day 2016

On a day like this I feel it's important to say thank you. Today is about celebrating women, empowering women and standing up for feminism.

Feminism has become a dirty word it seems. It's become too associated with the more radicalised feminists who believe women to be superior, not equals to men. To me, feminism is about believing in equality, in women's rights, in equal pay. It isn't about taking rights away from men, or giving women rights that men aren't also entitled to. I'm proud of my feminist beliefs and those beliefs have been shaped by the strong women around me.

I couldn't be more lucky too, in a time of my life where over the last few years I've been finding my career, my voice and working out what I want to do, I've had strong women around me.

These women are those who offer me advice when I ask for it, but have enough faith in me to know that I can work things out for myself, even when it's not easy to watch me fall before I fly.

They're the women who make me laugh and give me the confidence to shout about my opinions and my abilities. They're the ones who made me realise that I'm no longer the girl at school who was bullied and made to feel inferior. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, 'nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent'.

I'll admit it now that I only know that quote from The Princess Diaries. Zero shame.

I'm blessed to have friends who will support me to the end of the Earth but will stop me and tell me when I'm being a dick or acting irrationally at that time of the month. Hell, every girl needs a friend who has the courage to say 'you only think that because you're on your period and in a mood'. 

The blogging community brings out strength like I've never seen before in women. I've never known so many women give each other so much support and encouragement. Not forgetting of course that the true strength of a blogger comes out when they say what they really feel, whether it's their opinion on politics, a passionate post about things they love or simply admitting that they don't always have their shit together. As admitting weakness is strength in itself.

Today, and every day, be grateful for the women in your life. Be grateful for how they've brought you up, shaped your values and supported you through thick and thin.

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