Dinner at Sir Dukes

Sir Dukes Wetherby
You know when you go somewhere that’s very much off the beaten track? I went to a little restaurant in Wetherby called Sir Dukes and it’s definitely one to shout about. A friend of mine had it on his bucket list of restaurants to visit (the list is two restaurants long, and this was one of them), so we headed over after work. Apologies for the poor photo quality, they're taken off Instagram as I didn’t go with the intention of blogging it! Luckily for us, we arrived pretty early doors and as it was mid-week, it was 50% off mains - always a winner.

First up, I ordered a cocktail called ‘Cool Cool Cool’ which apparently is in reference to a TV series called Community. This was lost on me. It was gin-based and came with an ice lolly so what more can a girl ask for? Their cocktail menu is pretty extensive and you can tell it’s something they’ve created in-house which is really nice.

Food-wise, we both decided to go for burgers and mine had a burger, a sausage, black pudding, cheese and an onion ring in it, and came with fries. It was absolutely delicious and I discovered that other people think it’s weird that I eat burgers with a knife and fork. Who knew? The portions were massive – definitely somewhere to go when you’re hungry. I loved that they served skin-on fries as they’re a fave of mine.

After our mains, the lovely waitress had us persuaded to have dessert - I went for chocolate covered strawberries and I didn’t take a photo of Marc’s but he had sticky toffee pudding. Turns out chocolate covered strawberries are really hard to eat without ending up with chocolate everywhere (I’m very attractive sometimes).

Overall, we both really liked Sir Dukes and would definitely go back. Wetherby is a bit out of the way from where I live in Leeds but it’s definitely worth the trip out to try their extensive steak menu. 

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