Dinner at The Alchemist, Greek Street

The Alchemist Greek Street Leeds

I was lucky enough to head over to The Alchemist on Greek Street in Leeds to try their new menu as the plus one of my beautiful blogging wife Jessica (she’s worth a stalk, head over to her blog here). This branch opened last year and out of the two in Leeds, I do feel it is the better one. Most people have visited the one at the top of Trinity, but if you want a chilled meal or just drinks without feeling a bit squished, this is definitely the branch to head to.

This was actually my second trip to Greek Street (I headed here with Lorna back in November after we’d been speed-dating to debrief), but the first time trying their new menu so I was very excited! Of course, we started off with a cocktail and I chose the Indigo Sunset which changes colour before your eyes and Jessica went for the Bubbly Gum mocktail. We both absolutely loved them – I’ve never been disappointed with a cocktail in any branch of The Alchemist and I just love it when they do something jazzy. What can I say, I’m a sucker for anything I can Instagram.

For my starter, I had duck spring rolls with hoison sauce. This is one of my absolute faves and as someone who doesn’t usually go for a starter (I’m 100% team dessert over starter!), it felt like a treat. The rolls were pretty chunky and crispy and filled with delicious shredded duck. I’m definitely a fan!

I was so indecisive when it came to mains, but I went for the chicken fajitas as it’s my all-time favourite dish and one of the few I can actually cook. Can you imagine me on Come Dine With Me? I’d have everyone in sombreros doing shots of tequila. Classy. Anyway. The fajitas were cooked to perfection and the chicken was served in more of a sweet chilli sauce rather than fajita spiced which wasn’t what I’d expected but I enjoyed it equally as much. I love the presentation of all the dishes to make up the fajitas with too. Even though I make fajitas all the time at home, I only ever do the chicken and veg, sprinkled with cheese so having guacamole, sour cream and salsa made it just perfect.

We had a second round of drinks and I went for one I hadn’t seen on the menu before called ‘The Ball Breaker’ (LOL). It’s gin-based and has a blackcurrant ‘ball’ on the top of the crushed ice which you pop with your straw as it’s like jelly, then the whole thing dissolves. Out of the two, this was definitely my favourite drink as it was fruity but you could taste the gin – it’s one of those drinks that I could easily have all night.

Of course, we went for dessert and I chose the chocolate brownie which came with vanilla icecream, salted caramel sauce and chocolate crunch. It was too die for. It was so rich and delicious and the sauce really complimented the sweet chocolate tastes. SO GOOD.

All in all, I absolutely LOVE The Alchemist’s new menu and plan to be back their pretty soon – next month to be precise to celebrate my birthday! Is it bad that I already have in mind what I want to eat there? I’m a long-time fan of The Alchemist and if you’re in Leeds any time soon, definitely check out the Greek Street branch (and take me with you, please and thank you).

Also, just a quick note - as dinner for me was on The Alchemist as it was a review opportunity for Jess, as per what I've promised in this post, I paid that kindness forward and bought someone homeless a meal.

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